Why employer think that McDonald food are ‘Atas’ for helper?

I came across this page called “Blxxlisted Maids”..


Was very upset on some of the Employers post… Maid asked A simple McDonald’s meal…employer who seems to be working in a Bank claims Nowdays Maids asking for ‘Atas’ food.

McDonald’s very high class meal is it ?….Do you know that even primary school students have their meals there.

Need to work as an Executive or Minister to eat McDonald’s? Some nuts can comment… “No need to ask maid…jus buy $2 burger”.

Most of the Employers Facebook shows they are well off….not Beggars!

Will we do this to our own family or friends….Wats wrong in buying a McDonald’s meal for them. The very expensive meal cost $10?…

Common if u guys have an idea of feeding Maggie mee only to maids better don’t employ….carrying LV,Prada bags around..leaving in private/condo..driving posh cars but damn Bloody Stingy.




Maids are also Human Beings.

(I m not here to support maids…I m an employer too…juz find these group of employers are ridiculous)