Blk 443A fajar hills #03-1xx cheater + liar landlord sibling with 2 child

Hi i wish to share and highlight a story in this cheating home rental. I have saw the website and view this house twice in fajar hills @ Blk 443A #03-1xx.

The owner landlord who doesnt stay in the unit as she is having marriage issues with her taxi hubby Mr.Lee and the wife name is a kiang who work as a hair salon in whampoa.

Wish to let everyone know not to rent this unit as the owner is a cheater n liar who twist amd turn her words. Look at my prove when she give me a fan without a cover and no Ta agreement after she terminate the agent who does the service for her after a disagreement.

No receipt given but thank god i have proof that i paid $300deposit evem though she deny it. Currently been making police report agaist her as she refused to hand me back 150 after i left end oct returning her the key and her text message say 1 Nov 2016 she will give me.

#fan without a cover

Went down and her so called sister who is currently staying there with her two children studying at zheng hua primary school opposite the fajar hills where she stay.

Want to stop them fr cheating other pple as she the landlord owner JC ong twist n turn her words around. See she even lie tht she lost her purse and ic and i have to check with police did she make a report n do new ic!

Such a big liar. Hope you post this on the dishonest website of your to help my niece advertise this as this landlord is a cheater who cheats pple in renting their house and we have write in to Hdb town council and also will be going to get legal aid advise to retrieve back the full amt she cheat.

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