Got PR status really that important? Wrong! Got money more important!

So then, as the topic suggests, is money really more important than getting Singapore PR status? How valuable they are? Let’s hear from our internet forum pal, Tony.

This is a widely discussed topic everywhere in Singapore. It’s mainly for the blue collar workers, those struggling to put food on the table every month, those who live pay cheque to pay cheque. That’s right, to all those earning $8000 and above, you might not want to carry on reading!

Every time I read about someone sharing their joy on getting PR status, I tend to laugh at them. Just why would you go for that? Are you just following everyone or really determined to set root in this Lion City?

I arrived here in 2010. So it’s been six years since. From WP to SP, I think, well, I am quite satisfied with the way things are. Why? My main objective in coming here was to earn money and remit them back to my homeland. I work in the retail industry. Add on commission, and my monthly pay can go up to $4500. So why let the Singapore government deduct 20% of this salary? Really right. If I can scrimp and save every month, I can save at least $20k by year’s end!

So, what are the main reasons stopping me from getting Singapore PR status?


  1. Money is the driving force. That’s the only objective
  2. People said that you can get back your CPF if you were to give up your PR status. But to my best knowledge, it doesn’t apply to all nationalities. Who knows what will happen? They can change the rules anytime.
  3. I don’t have intention to buy a flat here.
  4. Look back at reason 1…So think. If you earn $2000 a month, after CPF you will only take home $1600. What can you do with that sum of money? Don’t forget you have to pay flat rental, meals, electricity bills, transport…etc…etc..! Wah, like that how to survive?
  5. No intention of living a life in Singapore.
  6. So if I really want to leave, just go bank and withdraw all my money and say bye bye! Cool right?

But what if I am PR? All the complications will come. You will see your salary get a substantial cut. Only if you leave this island then you will see how much you can get.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that getting PR status means it will be easy to get a job. It is all quite bullshit. If you have this thinking, then it means you have been struggling to save up. It would be easy to sway you as you are struggling to keep up with your job too! So you want money or change job? Which one appeals to you more? You don’t really need to worry as long as you’re talented. WP or PR, you choose.

Another thing is that, PR status need to be renewed every five years. The government will now and then invite you to convert to citizenship. What if you get rejected? I have a friend who only renew but never convert. In the end, he wanted to take a break from work, but his PR status was only renewed for a year! He was worried to no end. Who knows whether your PR will be revoked the next time round?


So my friends, what’s your real intention to come here? If you really want to set up a family, then go for PR. But if you are here just for work, I suggest you don’t go for it. Work hard, work smart, collect pay cheque every month and see your bank account grow. That will be more satisfying than getting a PR! Trust me!

Do you have any friends that die die want to have PR? I think he/she should read this…