She’s driving a $400,000 car. But do you know her sad story behind it?

Yes, she owns a high-end Audi model. That is around $400,000. Maybe she got much more money in the bank, but do you really know her struggle?


Well, let’s make some analogies.

One who drives a $55,000 car, but has a HDB loan of $200,000, his life may be a struggle.

One who moves around on e-scooter to work, but has some $30,000 in his bank, his life may be one without direction.


The three of them met up at the same point in a road. The one on the e-scooter envies the one driving the $55,000 car, but the latter turns his head and will admire the one behind the wheel of the $400,000 Audi beauty. And guess what, she will have her eyes on the guy clinging onto the e-scooter, and kind of has some admiration for him.

This is the harsh reality of modern society. A cat will love to eat fish, but it can’t swim. A fish loves to eat mud worms, but can’t hop onto the shore to eat it. God has given you lots of lures, but you can’t catch em all!

But then, you have to learn to conquer your fear. When life deals a hard hand on you, learn to cope with it. Play around with it. Master it.

Always try your best. No ifs or buts. Rewards only come after hard work.

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Sometimes, it’s best to taste the bitter pill early. It might be a better idea. You never know what happens.

Youth is priceless. It is the most precious phase of your life. Embrace life’s travails. Learn to be patient, intelligent, and opportunities will come thick and fast. You are on your own. Only you can determine your fate. You are the master of your own fate.

Many must have eaten a tea leaf egg before. It is a brittle one with plenty of hairline cracks. But it is one full of flavor. It is just like life. The more hard knocks you take in life, the more seasoned you are. Hardship can help one to grow up, and the happiness is one that takes you far.

Let’s continue with the egg analogy. Crack hard on it, and that becomes food. That is just life. If you wait people to come and crack you down, then you will turn into their next meal.

Or how about the butterfly analogy? An old lady once saw a butterfly struggling to come out from a tin can. In a bid to free it, she unscrewed the tin can. Little would she know that the butterfly struggled to flap its wings and die eventually.

If you don’t want to live the life of that butterfly, then you have to endure the trials and tribulations of life. Only then you can soar into the sky.

In this world, the ones that fall hard are the most successful ones. They are the bravest souls. Just like what NBA star Michael Jordan once said that he has failed over and over again in life and that is why he succeed.

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In life, the number of people you respect is also the number of people who respect you. Same goes for trust. How many people you can help turn successful will also be the number of people that can help you make successful.

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