Why cannot take the MRT priority seat? Don’t act blur!

Everyone knows that the priority seats in the MRT cabins have always caused endless debates. One forum pal described that she once sat down on it after checking there were no elderly or the needy nearby.

And then an uncle stared hard at her. She thought to herself, why cannot? It’s not as if I pushed an old man to the floor before sinking my buttock onto the priority seat right? Hmm…young people cannot sit meh?


She also recalled that she took the MRT once with her friends. She did the same ‘blind spot’ check before sitting down onto the priority seat. And immediately her friends avoided her like the plague, saying that aiyoh why must you sit there….why you so thick skin? And then another old uncle stared her at her with eyes that could kill.

Of course, she is one that is not entirely devoid of empathy. She can understand the difficulties the elderly experience, but just couldn’t comprehend why young people are “disallowed” from sitting there. She defiantly said that the priority seat is well, a privilege, not a right!

At times, the MRT will be packed like a can of pickles, but still some will still act hero by not sitting there. Act only lah! Why not? You can clear up at least three standing room spaces if you sit down right? But of course, must check first lah. Don’t be restricted in your thinking.


Many fellow forum pals agreed with her, saying that the thinking mentality must change, but it will be tough. If a group of uncles stare, just let them stare loh. Nothing to lose face over. Only give up that seat when the elderly and needy board the train.

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