11 habits you will have for SURE after living in Singapore

So then, you have been in the Lion City for quite some time? You have assimilated to life there? Living habits have been cultivated right? Do you see yourself associated with any of them?

Read on…

  • Always don’t know where the money gone to


Splurge like a king come payday, but reduced to a pauper by month’s end. Rental, bills, pay this pay that….then suddenly your bank account stares back hard at you. And the funny thing is that after paying, the next bill will come shortly after!

  • No fixed meal times, only eat when hungry


Sometimes due to work, we tend to forget to take our meals. Especially when you are alone, you get even lazier and search for food only when the hunger pangs strike you hard. Is that why you get gastric pains? Yeah, maybe. You’re on your own in this foreign city. Do take care of your needs.

  • Experts in squeezing into MRT


The MRT is always a good place to “stretch and flex your muscles”. Especially during the peak hours! If you can squeeze through a sea of bodies from door to door, you deserve a gold medal! And oh, you often see people rush to work. More like running like Usain Bolt. And you somehow tend to walk faster too even when you are not late for work. Right?

  • Mixing mandarin into your conversation

Singaporean Chinese come from many different dialect groups. And they tend to mix some mandarin for emphasis. You are no exception either.

  • Like to be picky on nitty gritty things

singaporean complain

Your eyes will light up at the sight of big sale signs. And you will actively share these with your friends in WeChat or whatsapp. It might seem petty, but who gets to benefit? Ultimately, it’s YOU!

  • Like to eat supper, drink beer


Singapore got lots of supper eateries. It’s hard not to say no. But supper, as we all know, causes obesity. It’s an unhealthy lifestyle. But many still love their char siew with beer. Like that more shiok right! Yes, you will see lots of beer bellies in Singapore too!

  • Stay up during the night, little rest

Modern people have too many distractions at night. They like to catch up on the latest drama, like to hold onto their phones until they can’t tahan and really got to sleep. This is not only happening in Singapore, but the whole wide world too!

  • Neck cannot raise up when using mobile phone

Closely related to problem no.7. You will see these everywhere nowadays in MRT, shopping malls and bus stations. They are living in their own world. Yes, people don’t longer talk face to face. They like to tap on their phone only.

  • Chasing stars

Yes, Singaporeans like to chase after the latest fashion. Whenever a huge artiste comes to Singapore to perform, they will save up to buy the front row seat. Yes, everything must be new, fashionable. Like that they won’t be called mountain turtle mah!

  • Lonely planet

malaysia jam

Yes, that’s right. There’s lots of singles out there in this city. They prefer to eat on their own, jog, shop…and stare at space alone. ALONE. And that’s because they don’t know what to do after work. They find it hard to make new friends, and that’s why the matchmaking industry is thriving here.

  • Always report happiness, not sorrow, to parents

This is quite true. In a bid not to make your parents worry, you only report the good and not the bad. Only after putting down the phone you will wipe your tears away and suffer. Life’s tough in a competitive city like this. But the toughness makes us stronger. We still have to thank our lucky stars that we get to work in this little red dot.

Life’s tough. Money don’t drop from the sky. You are on your own, but keep on smiling. Always look on the bright side of the life! If you have more than seven of these traits, please comment below. Any interesting stories? Email to [email protected]