PR Details Submission : Just Take Note Of These Pointers

PR details submission – just take note of these pointers! Hope this can help…

I submitted all these details in January 2015. Of course, I was successful. Here are some pointers which might be of some use!

Singapore PR

  1. Fill in the form manually! My friend used the computer and filled in the details, and she was called back to re-submit. Remember, submit before 4:30pm – their office closing hours.
  2. Always try to submit the details in chronological order. Follow the ICA details. Do not make it messy for the officer. Always set aside copies of your important documents, just in case.
  3. Just write N.A at every applicable box. Do not draw a huge N.A. across the irrelevant boxes. Do it one at a time. This is what happened to my unlucky friend!


  1. My husband’s boss was out of town and was unable to sign an important part/provide company stamp. All must be in original form, and copies were duly rejected.
  2. Income tax report. If you forget to bring this, the main applicant would be required to fill in the appendix-1 (PR-PTS).
  3. Do not put N.A as your religion. If you don’t have any specified religion, it is best advised you fill in as Free Thinker.

Here’s wishing you all every success in getting your PR! 

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