Sick Leave Is Our Entitlement,Every employee has the right to be sick and take medical leave

The number of sick leave each employee gets annually is supposed to be an ENTITLEMENT. Every employee has the right to be sick and take medical leave as and when is necessary.

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Employer also got no right to interview why men take MCs especially if the number taken is BELOW the annual limit set. They got no right to question if men are malingering, that’s the job of qualified medical doctors and doing so would only undermine their expertise and judgment.

They got no right to penalize employees (e.g. low performance bonuses) or deny career progression in any form (e.g. contract renewals) or even compare abilities with another employee, by virtue of the medical leave records alone.

If you’re sick, don’t force yourselves. We are not super humans. We have the right to be sick.

But Someone show us this unfair contract to us…….

unfair singapore contract

unfair singapore contract two

unfair singapore contract three

unfair singapore contract four

You guys see the point ?#14

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