You ONLY can visit your parents 30 tims from now, This is for those who’re working in Singapore

Our parents. It can be said that they fairly sacrificed their careers, freedom, time and health to bring us up. But what about us? When we have finally grown up and have our careers, we tend to neglect our parents. We have definitely not watched them grow up day by day. How ironic it is. Got time but no money, got money but got no time.


Next Singapo received some feedback recently from a forum pal. He said that it will be difficult to go home if you don’t earn enough money. It is best that you have remitted money home on a regular basis before contemplating paying a visit back home. Unfortunately, time and tide waits for no man. 2017 is just around the corner.

If your parents are in their 60s and you only go back home once a year, you might have to think…what if they live to their 90s? Does it mean you will visit them just 30 times more? Wow, go figure.


Many foreign workers in Singapore always say that they will head home during Lunar New Year or major festivals, but it all changes when you suddenly have a boyfriend/girlfriend. It changes everything right?

Filial piety is a virtue of respect for one’s parents, elders, and ancestors. Yes, you know that. But what happens should you really leave your job? All the bills will stack up sooner or later. Who will take care of things back home? Who will pay for the food on the table? This is capitalism at its best, no doubt.

Because of this, many siblings have quarreled over who should take care of their parents. Married couples will also squabble over this issue.

So then? What are you waiting for? Not enough money right now to book a ticket home? Ask for a small loan, or a pay advance. Don’t give too much excuse. Just pay a visit to your parents and surprise them. The look on their faces when they see you…well…it’s PRICELESS!