From SP to PR in just half a year? Is it possible? You can find answers here

Just how long it takes to get a PR after getting your SP? There have been much discussion on it. Hopefully, you can find some conclusive answers here.


One of the criteria when applying is that you must have the latest payslip for past 6 months, which ICA has also confirmed in a reply to Next Singapo. This might just have led to the suspicions that six months is the ideal window.

PR form check list

PR form check list 2

One forum pal by the name of CC even jokingly suggested that you start applying after three months into your job, and it should be another three months more when your appointment date arrives. Ion9ago said that SP holders of course can apply for PR, but the success depends much on GOD.

Mr Huang, meanwhile, thinks that the application depends on the education qualifications. Mr Lewis also added his two cents, saying that the chances go down drastically if you are holding a non-Singapore diploma or degree. He also said that some of those who went to NTU and withdrew after a year, well, their chances are basically ZERO.

Officially, SP holders to gain PR status within a year, these stats have gone down. And having good education qualifications do count. And if you have failed twice in applying for PR, it is best not to keep on trying. Give it a rest.

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So then, as ICA has confirmed, six months is the window to work around with. But whether you are successful or not, it depends on many other factors. If you are keen to know the PR application, you might like to check our article Latest from ICA! New rules and checklist for applying Singapore PR

Any SP holders that were granted PR status within 6 months?