Aiyoh! These things I really cannot tahan in MRT!

A forum pal messaged NextSingapo recently, and told us about the things he can’t stand while commuting on the MRT. Have a read, and try to identify with any of them?

  1. Why women don’t dry their wet hair before boarding the train? That is so yucks! Last month, a old lady, while flipping her wet hair, slapped it against my lips. I ended up having to remove two strands of her long hair!

  1. Why must you run. I saw a man run like Usain Bolt from the gate up to the platform. It’s not as if it’s the last train what. The only thing you can do is to wake up early, don’t snooze. That man, by the way, did that every time I saw him!
  1. Remove your backpack lah. You’re not going to war. Please put it down onto the floor. Don’t live in your own world. You can save a lot of space just by doing that. Don’t be a selfish person!

  1. Don’t stand around priority seats. Yap! Just sit down. Stand up only when you someone needing the seat more than you. Don’t stand there and waste space. Especially…during PEAK HOURS….Ahhhhhhh!

  1. Please keep your headphone volume down. You are sharing the train with many people, and some might not agree with your heavy metal music. Or even worse, simi pen pineapple apple pen on loop mode! Ugh! Crazy sia.

There are still more to tell you about, but these five are the ones that really make my blood boil. I have even experienced all five in one single journey! I hope you’re not as lucky as me!

Which is the worst MRT habit? Comment below! Any interesting MRT stories? Email to [email protected]