Difference between 3 days and 3 years in Singapore. Have a laugh about this!

Do you still remember the first time you came to Singapore? You were curious about everything in the Lion City. But three years on, you have truly assimilated into the Singaporean life. Here are some of the common differences. See if you can spot them or not! Oops, Singlish? Yes, that’s one difference.


Example 1

Come here 3 days: Wah, I want to go Sentosa, Universal Studios, ION Orchard, Marina Bay Sands…

Come here 3 years: You go yourself, I wait for you at kopitiam…call me when you ok.

Example 2

Come here 3 days: Teh, Teh O, Kopi O, Kopi C, Kopi Kosong…huh, what’s all these things?

Come here 3 years: Uncle, give me one Kopi C, siew dai…

Example 3

Come here 3 days: I want chili crab, chicken rice, char kway teow, rojak, laksa!

Come here 3 years: Oi, just give me chap chai peng. 2 meat 1 vegetable.

Example 4

Come here 3 days: Wah, Singapore is indeed a clean and green city!

Come here 3 years: 11 months of haze, supplied by Indonesia. Thank you ah!

Example 5

Come here 3 days: Aiyoh, why this hawker centre so hot one, go restaurant eat lah.

Come here 3 years: I can tell you this hokkien mee not so nice, the best is in Geylang Lorong 23, wah, I tell you, close one eye also know how to go. Quick, faster, go chope with tissue packet!

Example 6

Come here 3 days: Wah, queue 30 minutes, don’t want. I call room service.

Come here 3 years: Wah, not bad, 30 minutes only. Last time I waited 2 hours!

singapore tissue

Example 7

Come here 3 days: Bring MRT map around

Come here 3 years: Store inside brain memory liao. Oi, faster, train come already. Wait cannot squeeze inside.

Example 8

Come here 3 days: What is this fruit? Durian…yucks the smell…so disgusting

Come here 3 years: Boss, mao shan wang lagi satu!

Example 9

Come here 3 days: Sorry, do you know how to speak Mandarin? I don’t understand English.

Come here 3 years: Can or not Auntie, aiyoh, sure or not? So on ah?

Example 10

Come here 3 days: Wah, Singapore so hot. I want to stay inside hotel room and eat ice cream.

Come here 3 years: Later, when you see that ice cream uncle, help me buy chocolate chip with bread.

And lastly….the golden example


Come here 3 days: Wah, I want to buy a house in Singapore!

Come here 3 years: shit, should have bought that 3 years ago!

Do you have at least 5 of these examples? Please comment below!