Hot jobs in Singapore for 2017,And they pay very well, up to $300k

Yes, times are hard. Economies worldwide are slumping, but the life science job industry is still thriving. According to a HR report, this industry will be in much more demand next year.

Those interested in joining can expect to draw an annual salary of up to…$300,000! Yes. That is right!

In the latest report from the Singapore Economic Development Board, the life science industry is a positive one. The report also stated that Singapore’s factory output enjoyed its best monthly growth showing in over two-and-a-half years with a stellar 6.7% jump in September 2016.

So, what are the 8 most in-demand life science jobs in Singapore for 2017? Have a read at this report from Randstad.

  1. Front-end sales

Salary range: S$36k to S$69 per annum for entry level, S$96k to S$140k for managerial roles.

  1. Distributor management

Salary range: S$100k to S$150k per annum depending on level of experience

  1. Regulatory affairs

Salary range: From S$50k per annum for junior staff, up to S$300k per annum for director level

  1. Application specialist

Salary range: S$60 to S$100k per annum depending on level of experience

  1. Medical science liaison

Salary range: S$60 to S$100k per annum, excluding bonuses

  1. Research & development

Salary range: S$80 to S$120k per annum depending on level of experience

  1. SAP consultant

Salary range: start from S$60k per annum for a support role, up to S$120k to S$180k per annum for Global Project Manager role

  1. Infrastructure engineers

Salary range: S$72k to S$120k per annum, depending on seniority.

So there you have it. The top job is definitely the Regulatory Affairs. Up to S$300k per annum! Why so? Because they ensure the compliance to the licensing requirements. In addition, they also need to play the role of ensuring the safety of medicine, rehabilitation equipment, nutritional products and more.

They are basically the last barrier before these things are allowed into Singapore! Many multinational companies have set up store here in Singapore, and the future is certainly bright for anyone fancying being a Regulatory Affairs Executive.

Anyone here is a Regulatory Affairs Executive? Comment below and tell us more about your job!