It can be troublesome if you don’t know,Most-know guides to survive in Singapore

In the Lion City, no matter whether you are an overseas student or migrant worker, there will always be some issues you need to undertake. It can be troublesome if you don’t know the right avenue to rectify it. Here’s some useful guides to survive in Singapore.

  1. Gambling (Casino Exclusion)

Wah, like that how. Gamble and gamble until pocket empty. It is like a drug. Fortunately you can apply for a Casino Exclusion. Like that you can no longer enter both of Singapore’s integrated resorts. Go to

  1. Applying for HDB flat

Owning a home is everyone’s dream. And it can be quite a hassle to get one in Singapore. The procedures are straightforward though. Just go to and you can get whatever answers you need in applying for a HDB flat. Mobile app version available too. Search for MyHDB.

  1. Update personal details in IRAS

Like death, taxes are inevitable. The only change is that you can get to alter your personal details. If you no update and kena call up by taxman how? Better not right. So go to

  1. Apply for Baby Bonus Scheme

Just became parents? Congrats. A government incentive awaits you. As long as you fulfil the needed requirements, you can get to claim it. Do go to and check out how much you can receive. You will need a Singpass for this.

  1. Appeal against your traffic fines

Feel unjust that you kena a traffic summon? Losing sleep over it? Please go to and make an online appeal. A note of warning though. The chances not high lah! Some silly excuses you can try using in your appeal: need to park here because baby need to drink milk….or park here because my grandmother’s knees not good. Cannot walk far!

  1. Do Not Call Registry

Cannot tahan all the nuisance calls, all the bank loan calls right? This is the website to call. Just go to and register. Then you will no longer receive all these calls.

  1. Make a will

You never know what tomorrow brings. Going to make a will with the Lasting Power of Attorney will play down your fears. Or if you have a huge fortune and don’t want your three wives fight over it, this is the website to go –