Why are Singapore taxis so cheap (affordable) ?

This is one of the first things I noticed on arriving in Singapore – the ride from the airport to city I would normally expect to pay $30-40 US dollars for, and yet it consistently costs no more than SGD $15-20 (I usually just round up to 20)

Yet I understand that gas is not cheap, and car taxes are ridiculously high here.

What is the explanation? Is it a public service helping to make up for where public transport does not serve well, or to make people like Singapore even more ?

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Explanation 1:

Singaporeans view the taxi service as a subset of public transport, we certainly understand that there is a premium for the door to door service, but the whole concept of paying for “service” is quite alien to us…

Moreover, Singapore is for the most part well connected, too high a premium could perhaps lead to a precipitous loss in ridership to the “BMW”- Bus,MRT and Walk


Explanation 2:

There are plenty of extra charges – but Singapore has a name of a 0 cheat policy, I’ve never had an attempted scam (I’m a foreigner but know SIN pretty well)

Yes, plenty of them.. and some of them sound quite special.. I’ve not had that many drives without a surcharge, in fact I’m not sure if I ever had one Still, taxis in SIN are quite affordable compared to other developed countries.

BTW, make sure to get yourself a “Taxi app” for your smartphone, as the time when taxis are mostly needed, just after MRT service has stopped (around 12pm-1am) you might have to wait for an hour at a hotspot to catch one. By simply ordering online (or by phone) one, they’ll send you one over (of course that’s an extra surcharge  ) which is just for you. Made some poor people watching in surprise as the foreigner took the cab they thought was for them

Explanation 3:

Actually this sounds about right. I live close to the Holiday Inn Atrium (maybe 500m away) and would say that with the airport surcharge the pricing is about right.

I know that the cab driver punching buttons on the meter looks fishy but he’s genuinely entitled. At the hour you left the taxi stand in SIN, the only surchage should have been the airport one. As for the hotel people, it’s worth keeping in mind that most would either drive their own car or take public transport, thus they wouldn’t be aware how much the price has gone up. Many local people who are not regular cab riders are disagreeably surprised by the fare when they see what it is.

To check a fare for accuracy, always ask for a receipt. It documents every cent you paid and what you paid for

Regarding the surcharges, check here please:

Basic Fare


Peak hour surcharge

peak hour taxi

Midnight surcharge (From 0:00~6:00,Additional 50%)

taxi mindnight

In some case people have full time jobs Monday-Friday and supplement their income by driving taxis on weekends. The taxi car is often shared between two or more taxi drivers.

Is it a hard life for the drivers? The answer is :100% Sure

Let’s share this article and said:Good job to all the driver…