2017 latest! Guide to converting International Driving License to Singapore Driving License

In Singapore, converting an international driving license will only require a few theory lessons. From registration onwards, it will take you almost a month and the costs can come up to around $217.

This include school fees, book guide, mock test and exam fees. More importantly, any translation fee will ne charged at S$45. You also need to pay the Traffic Police Department a processing fee of S$50. A probation plate, if required, will cost S$14.

What are the places to go to? There are three driving centers in Singapore situated in the east, north and west.

Here’s the address:

East: ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (Details: 205, Ubi Ave 4, Singapore 408805, Tel: 6841 8900, www.cdc.com.sg)

North: Singapore Safety Driving Centre (Details: 2, Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387, Tel: 6482 6060, www.ssdcl.com.sg)

West: Bukit Batok Driving Centre (Details: 815, Bukit Batok West Ave 5, Singapore 659085, Tel: 6561 1233, www.bbdc.sg)

How to register?

You must bring along your passport or your NRIC/entry permit/employment pass/dependent pass/social visit pass/work permit.

If you are a Singaporean PR, only your NRIC will do. You can pay the necessary fees by NETS or CashCard. Cash and Credit card payment is not allowed.

The driving centers normally operate from 830am to 830pm. On weekends, it is from 830am to 230pm. They are not open on public holidays. For more details, please check with their websites!

At ComfortDelGro, there are two ways to learn

One is self-learn. That will come with two mock tests, and the fees will come up to S$37, which will cover the registration fee, mock tests, exam fee and a guide book.

The other one is a 6 hour lesson, which is divided into 2 nights of 3 hours each. The fees will come up to S$108, which will cover the registration fee, mock tests, exam fee and a guide book. All these will be done on Level 3. Tip: mock test is almost the same as the real test itself, and lasts 50 minutes each. The timings are flexible. And you can choose to carry out the test in two languages, English or Chinese.

You can arrange for these tests on the spot. You can also book the actual test on the spot, or go to the website and choose the date that works to your schedule. The test lasts for 50 minutes and is a multiple choice questionare. You will know whether you pass or fail at the end of the test. You must answer correctly at least 45 of the 50 questions to pass. There are three choices for you to choose from for the correct answer. If fail then try again loh.

An official translation of your driving license to English can be obtained from the relevant Embassy, High Commission, or any Singapore registered translation companies.

What are the documents needed for Singapore PR?

  1. Singapore PR documents (copy)
  2. Original passport, plus copy
  3. Latest passport-sized photo
  4. Original driving licence (copies of front, back are required)
  5. Translation copy, if required
  6. Entry permit (long term visit), copy or original
  7. Re-entry permit, if required
  8. Processing fee of S$50 (payable only be Nets or Cashcard)

But what about the documents required for foreigners (those on WP, long term visit, study pass, etc)?

  1. Original and copies of passport
  2. Original and copies of work permits
  3. Original and copies of driving license (front, back)
  4. Translation documents
  5. Latest passport-sized photo
  6. Processing fee of S$50 (payable only be Nets or Cashcard)

If all your documents are in place, you will be able to get your licence converted on the spot. If you pass your theory test, you can bring that document and fill in a pink colour form. Once that is processed, you will need to watch a video of car accidents that remind you to drive carefully at all times. After that, you can get your converted licence. But it will be in the form of a paper.

The real licence will then be mailed to you within a month. You are also required to pay S$14 to get a probation plate, which you need to display at the rear window of your car for a year. If you don’t put that, then prepare yourself for a heavy fine, or worse, getting your licence confiscated.

But what if you need a driver refresher course? Fortunately, the driving centers provide that. So don’t be worried. They provide two lessons, each 100 minutes each. There will be an instructor beside you and will tell you about the road signs of Singapore. The fees are around S$200 to S$230. If you fancy a private instructor, they are also available. They got licence one, so don’t worry!

Drive carefully in the new year ahead! Think of your loved ones!