she is calculative and nasty and mean,I feel that I’m her maid or a dog

she is calculative and nasty and mean. She is kind of typical Singaporean. Every week we will follow house rules to clean the flat once in a week. She is always outstation due to her career. all girls staying in the flat, there is condition that hairs drop on the floor.

We still will tr​​y to keep the cleanliness of the house everyday and we will clean the flat every week. Nevertheless, she still find meaningless trouble on us. She will look around the house every time. When there are few hairs on the floor, she will make complain and nag us to pick them up. She need a house which is very clean without anything on thee floor, which is crazy and ridiculous.

Whenever the floor has anything, she will vacuum it. One thing to note is me and my housemates have obeyed the rules to clean the flat every week. She always ask me to collect parcel for her. Me, as a tenant have no responsibility to help her, but because she is always outstation, I consider her situation of not staying in SG often, I help her to collect no matter how busy I am on my job. Everytime there is parcel coming, she will ask me to stand by from 6.30pm to 10.30pm and I need to rush back home to stand by to collect the parcel.

There was one time, she ask me to collect as usual. I agreed to collect but she didn’t tell me she will be in SG on that day. The night before parcel came, she is at home. The day parcel coming, I ask her can you collect t yourself. She say I thought we have agreed that you will collect for me.

I feel that I’m her maid or a dog. I feel she is too much.

However, I still say yes, I told myself this is the last time I help her, the next message is please stand by from 6.30,on to 10.30pm. I was like, am I really her dog and she instructed me to stand by for her parcel ? I still collect that night, rushing back home without grab any food, because I already agreed to collect for her. When I waited until 8pm, the delivery not yet come. I ask her, when the delivery coming ? I was so hungry, at the end, I faster go out to buy mc Donald and rush abck home and finally the delivery come. She come back with a happy smile and laugh, looking at the phone, after that looking at me saying that thank you . I ignore her.

Next morning, I went toilet a while then I continue to sleep, she stop me when I wanted to go to toilet. She ask later technician coming, can you help me to watch him ? I need to go out. I ignore her I told her I want to sleep. Because I said too much yes for her, help her doing those unecessary things.

She noted my face changed. She stayed at home and watch the technician. After that, there come a case where my aircon leaking. I told her to ask people to fix it. Water dripping from aircon. She say she will ask people to fix it when she come back home. However, after she come back, she has not taken any action. Until the water leakage turn serious. I told her 2nd times. When will she ask people to fix it.

Thereafter, she came into my room. The water dripping on the parquet when I switch off the aircon. She was very angry. She put the blame on me. She say why you never tell me this is so serious. I thought I told you before. She say you never describe how serious it is. I’m so frustrated. I was wondering, isn’t even though it is not serious, you just take it for granted and leave it like this.

Only it is very serious, you only ask people to come. She say if it is that serious, you should ask people come and fix it yourself. This is so fucking ridiculous. Isn’t you as a owner should take part of the responsibility . After she noted that water dripping from aircon, she say I wanna charge you on parquet damages.

I say what ,? The parquet is a bit unsmooth like the picture above but before I moved in, there is actually unsmooth. She now blaming me that the parquet damaged CoZ of water dripping. She have to ask contractor to assess the condition of parquet . Then, she wanna hold a talk with me so randomly.

That time I need to rush to work CoZ I’m running out of time. She still insist to stop me to have a talk with me. I feel so frustrated. I raise up my voice I say I really have no tine. I need to go to work. She is also an open minded woman. I agree that owner can bring any visitor in.

However, she always bring different types of men coming in and make us feel so u comfortable. After she had a drink with her ‘friend’ and staying inside the room for at least one hour. And there is different type of men going into her room for at least one hour.My contract ends at 27.01.2017. we will not renew anymore and I will move out.

And she currently make my life difficult. She always check on the floor see whether there is any hair. And I feel my life so tougher because I paid sgd1k for my room but I don’t feel like going back home. I always staying inside my room and going out early in the morning, coming back home late at night to avoid her. I am so depressed staying with owner like this.

I have found a new place and I hope I can quickly move out. Now she still want to ask contractor to assess the parquet after I moving out. Please advice me what to do. She always put me to settle those unecessary things for her.

I used to deal with two delivery Malay men for her parcel and she insisted only pay sgd10 as shipping cost. If they requested more, she won’t pay the balance for me if I pay the delivery men myself.

When the parcel coming, the delivery men saying that the shipping cost is sgd100, my owner just pay me sgd10. So I gave the delivery men sgd10. They are very frustrated. They say I thought we saying the delivery cost is sgd100. I say I only can give you sgd10. I called my owner. She talked to the boss on the shipping cost.

The two delivery men staying outside with unpatient tone. And I was alone in the house. They say if not paying us sgd100, they gonna take the parcel away and redelivery agaib. My owner, over the phone, warn me not to let they take away the oarvel. If redelivery, the cost she won’t bear it. Me, ad the middle person, was so exhausted, coz the two delivery men staying outside smoking and shouted they need to go for next delivery and my owner don’t let them take parcel away.

At the end, my owner ask me to pay SGD,100. The two delivery men asking is it I’m staying alone here. I’m so nervous as I dunno what will they do the next moment. I lied to them my friend staying with me.

They ask where is your friend. That moment I wish the case settle faster. At the end, my owner ask me to pay then sgd100. When she came back home, she pay me the balance SGD90 and ask for receipt. I say the two delivery men never give me and I never ask for receipt.

She say let’s make police report for absence of supporting document. I was so stunned. I refuse to make police report with her. Besides, my housemate moved in without a proper bed so she slept on the floor with a thin sheet for one week.

When the bed come, she was so happy, however, there is a minor crack on the bed frame, she straight away to reject the bed frame and ask them to send a new one. My housemate was so pity that she wish she can sleep properly.

However, due to the minor crack, she need to sleep for another one week on the floor with a thin mattress. She has slept two weeks on the floor with a thin natteress. I have never meet such a ridiculous owner before. Please advice me what to do. I’m so unlucky to meet an owner like this. Please help me share it.

Location: This owner is at 4b, boon tiong road.