Singapore’s new TEN laws in 2017. You aware of that?

Into 2017, here’s a guide to the latest law amendments in Singapore. Have a look and see which one affects your daily life the most!

  1. Raise of school fees for PR/non-citizens

The raise will be from $20 to $60 for PR students. For non-citizens, it will be from $20 to $150. That’s nearly 700% increase. Wow!

  1. Usage of IRIS

The immigration checkpoints will now take in IRIS record of new applicants for IC/passport. This is to strengthen the social security, and of course, enhance efficiency in clearing the checkpoints.

  1. Want to retrench at least 5 people? Must report hor!

Any company that want to smash the ricebowl of their employees will need to inform MOM within five days. Offenders can be fined up to $5000. Note that this ruling is applicable for companies with at least ten employees.

  1. Dining bill payable by mobile phone at over 200 F&B outlets

PayPal has linked up with more than 200 F&B outlets, enhancing the dining experience. Convenient? Definitely. Cashier? Waiter? Well, their ricebowls are shaking…

  1. Waste refusal fee

A slight increase of 76 cents from $7.49 to $8.25. That is across all HDB flats.

  1. Minimum basic salary raised to $3600 for EP

Yap, if you don’t have that basic salary, you won’t be considered for EP. In addition, study qualifications and work experience will also be taken into consideration.

  1. Two weeks’ paternity leave for new fathers

As a working father, you are now entitled to two weeks of Government-Paid Paternity Leave (GPPL). It was only one week previously. For babies born after 1 July, 2017, parents can enjoy four weeks of shared parental leave.

  1. WIFI for workers dormitory

Yes, free WIFI access for migrant workers living in dormitories. Come on, this is the technology age.

  1. More detailed health bills

Yap, transparency’s the word. For sure, you will understand more about the breakdown of your hospital bill.

  1. 55 years old? Time to change IC.

Yap, change IC ok, not hand in IC. For the reason why, you can take a look at no.2.