35 years old already, if still have a salary of only $3000, failure or not?

Your pay package. It’s supposed to be a secret. You won’t anyhow reveal it to people. That’s true. So, do you still remember the salary you drew when you were 20, 25, 30? Or 35? Are you enjoying a higher quality of life right now? Let’s hear from our fellow forum folks:

  1. Yes it is failure – 44.90% by 251 people
  2. No – 39% It’s ok, It’s enough for me
  3. Never think about this before 16.50%, I am still young

Shusting: don’t say failure hor. Everyone has his/her limitations. Now no good doesn’t mean forever no good. Right?

Fisher83: see what job industry, what job title first. I am 32 this year, and already start to go down the slope liao.

[email protected]_tingting: Don’t like that say hor…I myself also not sure whether I will be earning $3000 when I am 35. Maybe I will strike TOTO first prize when I am 34 leh?

Johnson_Wong: Don’t worry, be happy! Why chase after all these materialistic things? Inner peace most important!

Ma Nang: if you’re born poor, it’s not your mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake.

Flashang: don’t ask what kind of salary you should be getting from your company, but ask what you can give to your company. One boss used to have this salesman who requested for a no basic, high commission pay, while the others were the exact opposite.

Oldman_how: if money can measure failure and success! Well, if you lack money, you probably need to rethink about what you want to do in life. Money many man doesn’t necessarily mean you will be happy

U0508950: I am 30 soon…and I earn only $1500…complain for what sia!

Loongzai07: Life is short. Money may be important, but if you are content with one’s lot….well, that is the ultimate!

Mr Yo: Wah lau, still got 40 years old people earn $1500 for a month!

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