Think you can anyhow work part-time in Singapore? Be careful you don’t balek kampong!

Singapore is a strict country, yes we know. You cannot spit, cannot chew gum, cannot do this cannot do that. Fines and even jail sentences will come if you don’t comply. Or worse, face the rotan! Even a US President can’t help you as in the Michael Fay case twenty years ago. So what about the illegal workers? Well, they are not above the law of course.

According to the latest Employment Act, it is illegal to work part-time even if you are holding a certified work pass, S-Pass. You can only work according to the job destination and employer stated on your work pass!

Some job agencies admitted that some workers have been misbehaving and will try to go against the law. And that’s because they are mired in debt having borrowed a lot of money to come to Singapore. Back home, they will pay a substantial sum of money to a middleman in the hope of getting a good-paying job. So, in order to speed up the process of reducing their debt, they will work part-time!

Working in Singapore (English)

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Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Yeo Guat Kwang said: “If they do this, they will be subject to punishment and even face deportation. And with that, they will lose all means of income. So that’s not worth it”.

But some have been daring enough to challenge the law, even posting on social medial that they have been moon-lighting. Here’s some posts spotted on Facebook.

All the relevant parties have a role to play. They need to stamp down on this increasing problem. And the best way is to educate and remind the workers by using skits, roadshows or phamplets. Like this, they won’t balek kampong, tio boh!