My BF from top to toe, all fake one! Even this belt also fake one! Yucks!

I want to complain about my ex-boyfriend. You know he is so branded conscious. From top to toe, all branded staff. Actually, I am just being sarcastic.

His Armani t-shirt buy from Taobao, Rolex from JB, and the yeezy 350 shoes are also from JB. Even the Hermes belt also fake one! Just check out the BIG LETTER ‘H’ in the picture below. Oh my gosh!

Your mentality also the same when it comes to dining. Every time only bring me to food court.

You say funny or not when you are dressed like you are going to a wedding dinner but eating mixed rice in a foodcourt. How funny is that!

Why would you do that? A girl can look nice in a $20 bargain blouse. But a man also don’t really need a $300 shirt to look good.

Especially that H belt you wear when you take the train. All the brand conscious youngsters are actually laughing at you!

It is ok if you buy 1 or 2 fake ones. But just don’t mention in front of my friends that these are gifts! Don’t anyhow say lah! I have enough of your materialistic whims! Be original, believe in yourself!

Do you have any other friends who like to buy fake goods too? Comment below!