There’s this woman who works as a maid by the day…but come night time…

There’s this woman who works as a maid for a rich family, but come night time she will head back home and live with her own four-year-old son.

The rich home owner learned of the maid’s situation, and gave them a room to live in.

“Accommodation and meals will all be covered by me, and I won’t deduct your salary”, said the rich home owner.

The maid, though, kindly rejected all these as she didn’t want to trouble them. The owner respected her wish and that was that.

Actually, the maid has her reservations. The big house alone has ten bathrooms or more, the smallest already bigger than her home! She just can’t come to terms how the disparaging wealth gap will play an effect on her son.

One day, the owner hosted a dinner gathering, and was short of helpers. He approached the maid, asking her to stay back slightly later and help. The maid obliged, but was still worried that her son might panic if he can’t see her.

The owner immediately arranged for her son to come over, and have dinner together with his guests. The maid then brought her son through the backdoor, and hid him in a quiet bathroom. She went to the kitchen, dished out a plate and put on it a hotdog and a bun she bought for her son earlier in the day.

The kid, having never been in such a luxurious setting before, can’t even recognize a flush toilet! Not to mention also the marble table that holds firmly the basin, and the colourful decoration bottles that go with it. He was literally swooning over the smell of wealth.

The maid quickly clarified with her son, saying that he is just a small child, and cannot share the same dining table with the distinguished guests. The kid tried to place his plate on the basin, but he couldn’t reach for it. Nonetheless, he placed the plate on the toilet seat cover, and merrily ate his precious dinner while singing a little number.

Soon after, at the big ballroom, the owner discovered that the kid was absent, and asked about his whereabouts from the maid.

The maid mumbled that she had no time to look after him, and her kid could be playing with himself on the grassland outside.

Upon hearing that, the owner scoured through all the rooms in his house, and finally found the kid in a bathroom at the corner.

“How could you eat here – do you know what place this is?” he asked.

“My mama said that this is a specially arranged room for me,” came the reply.

“And oh, the sausages are really good – it’s been a while since I last had them. Oh, by the way, who are you? Would you help me finish up these nice sausages?”

The owner’s face stiffened after hearing those innocent words. He could only reply in the form of a bright smile. He then recalled the very first time he and his parents came to New York. Then, just like the kid, they were poor as a church mouse and grinded through difficult times.

The owner returned to the ballroom and explained to his guests that he can’t play a good host anymore. He need to entertain a special VIP. With that, he filled up two huge plates of glorious food, and brought them over to the restroom. Like what the kid had done, he positioned them onto the toilet seat cover, and sat down. He invited the kid to tuck in!

Gradually, they made small talk – the owner mightily impressed by the kid’s steely confidence, and the fact he has an industrious maid, a graceful mum to this kid. The owner stressed to the kid, who wasn’t aware that his mum is only a maid, he need to make her proud.

The guests would follow suit, and finally found the owner and kid, just like father and son seated opposite each other. The scene of them eating food on a toilet seat cover touched them. One by one, the guests, all of them the elite of the society, brought their wine glasses and fine food and filled the bathroom. Like their host, they were touched in the heart. They also sang a lot of fine melodies, wishing good to the kid and his mum. The kid firmly believed that his mum is highly respected, and he is the luckiest person on earth.

Many years later, the kid grew into a fine man, and owned several businesses. He also bought several mansions, all equipped with many toilets!

Every year, he anonymously donated to poor people, all without publicizing his name. When questioned why by his friends, he explained that he will never forget the gratitude shown to him by a rich uncle many many years back. Use their sincerity, and protect a four-year-old’s integrity.

Your mum…she is always there for you. How could you not love her?

When you were…

3 yrs old: mummy, I love you

10 yrs old: mum, anything lah

16 yrs old: mum, you are a nag!

18 yrs old: I want to move out!

25 yrs old: mum, you were right that time

30 yrs old: I want to go to my mum’s home

50 yrs old: I don’t want to lose my mum

70 yrs old: as long as my mum is still with me, I am willing to lose everything in exchange!

We have often been guilty of saying this most often to our mum: “where is my clothes, what’s for dinner, can I go out, I am hungry.”

As for Dad, the most common exchange of words is: “Dad, where’s Mum?”

Every year, during lunar new year gathering, you will discover that her white hair will appear more and more…we want the best for her, all happy and healthy.

We only have a mum – how can we not love her!

Wish all brothers and sisters working in Singapore here – work hard, and remember to give your mummy dearest a call after reading this article!

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