This is how you should save on SG electricity bills! Steps to prevent wastage

During summertime, and there’s this thing people would normally do. When they go out for a while, they will switch off their air-conditioner, or set the wind level to low. These might look like energy-saving tips, but they actually don’t do any good at all!

Myth 1: Switch off air-con before going out? Wrong!

Surprise surprise, this is actually a wrong idea. When the air con starts to run, it only needs 500 to 1000 watts. Once the room is of a comfortable chilling level, only 100 watts is needed to maintain it. So if you are only running an errand for 10 minutes, it is suggested that you just let your air con run. But hor, if you die die want to save, maybe set the temperature higher by 1 degree!

Myth 2: The lower the temperature the cooler? Wrong!

Temperature isn’t the only sure-fire way to gauge how hot/cool a person is. Humidity, Latitude, altitude, cloud cover, distance from sea, winds and ocean currents, aspect, length of day also can. I am just being kiasu by typing all these. But you get my drift. When a human being enjoys the chill blasted air, his body temperature will go down by 2 degrees. So why not just adjust the wind speed of your air con and allow the body to feel the blast? This might help! You might want to add an electrical fan to give the ‘wind assistance’!

Myth 3: Small breeze mode can save money? Wrong!

Setting it on auto mode might be the best choice. But doing it on small breeze mode is a no-no. That’s because when during the time from the air con starts to run till the room gets chilled, this process is actually most energy-consuming. But when the desired room temperature is fulfilled, the consumption level will go down gradually. So if you set it on auto mode, it will gauge the room temperature while saving energy, and eventually maintain the right temperature. It is quite honestly the best choice for you.


Myth 4: Only the air con can keep the humidity in check? Wrong!

When the room temperature gets higher, the body temperature of course gets higher. Even though the air con is capable of reducing humidity, but the effect is actually worse than a dehumidifier. It can make the temperature go down, but at a considerable energy consumptTion rate. On the contrary, the dehumidifier mode can maintain the right temperature for you, and eliminate any unnecessary costs.

Optimal air-con temperature:

The difference between the room temperature outside and inside should be about 5 to 6 degrees. For eg: if the room temperature outside is 32 degrees, the air con should be set at 26 to 28 degrees. A human being is suited for this temperature range. But if the gap is bigger, it will prove to be uncomfortable.

Top ten tips to saving on your air-con bills

  1. Optimize your most comfortable air-con temperature

It’s advisable not to set the temperature too low. The recommended range is at 26 to 27 degrees. Every increase of a degree up could reduce 7% to 10% of the consumption. From another way of looking at it, the difference between the room temperature outside and inside should be about 5 to 6 degrees. Any more than that, and it could cause harm to the body, such as flu.

  1. Adjust the temperature accordingly to the room size

Do take note that not every room of yours is properly concealed. Some might take in air from outside! When the air con has done its part in chilling the room, it will then not go heavy on consumption. If your room is facing the sun, and you don’t have any curtains…then you might have to buy a slightly more powerful air con to get the best experience.

  1. Choose the best position to set up your air con unit

In all words, the faster the room gets chilled the better. Let the chilled air flow out fast, and let the hot air to get in just as quickly. On winter days, the hot air normally travels upwards, and the air vents should be pointing downwards to ‘receive it’.

  1. Don’t open door and windows before switching your air con

Try to adjust the room temperature manually before firing the a/c. If your windows are open, it’s advised that the gap shouldn’t be more than 2cm. When the air con is on, try not to open doors and windows. If you are using a cost efficient air con, and when the room temperature is the same as the one outside, it will constantly try to adjust the temperature. That will involve a lot of work, and energy consumption. So it is advised that you switch off your air con 20 minutes before you leave the room and open the door and windows.

  1. Using it with a electrical fan, and having the window blinds on.

The wind coming from the fan can speed up the air con’s performance as it guides the air into it. This can help actually in minimizing your air con bill. It would be better if you can roll down the window blinds/draw the curtains to reduce the UV rays from affecting the room temperature.

  1. Put it on sleep mode

When a human being sleeps, he gives out less heat, and hardly affects the room temperature. So it is good if you can put your air con on sleep mode. This can save up to 20% of your air con bill.Do not put a cover over your air con

7.Do not put a cover over your air con

Some people are worried that rains, snow or whatever things can affect the performance of their air con. So they put protection on it, like cover sheets. Actually, this is a bad idea as it prevents heat from flowing out and increase power consumption.

8. Have the central processing unit shift out from the sun

Do not set it in an area where the sun shines directly. Especially during summer time! This will seriously affect the performance of your air con. Put a sun shade if there’s really a need to avoid the big hot sun! Just like what you would do to your car when you park it right?

9. Do regular maintenance

The air vents should undergo cleaning checks every two weeks or so. If there’s too much dust, try to wash it with water not exceeding 45 degrees hot. After washing, air dry it to ensure the path is all clear.

10. Switch it off 10 minutes before you go out

Unless you are going out for a long time. It is best that you switch off your air con 10 minutes before. This will give your body a feeling that you are still ‘immersing and enjoying’ in the breeze. This is a good practice that everyone should learn!

So, that’s it…the ultimate guide on how to slash your air con bill. A little savings go a long way. Remember it! #share now!

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