Rent room in Singapore – which one you dislike most?

Renting a room in Singapore can be quite a chore. It must be one location that is near to a MRT station, and must have all the basic necessities and facilities that cater to you. However, after moving in, the reality will differ a lot from what you expect.

Let’s discuss the things you hate most when renting a room in Singapore.

1.Room for four?

It is human nature. You would love to have your own personal space right? But when the agent tell you that you will be sharing with just one person, you will believe him. Imagine your shock when you move in and you see two double-decker beds. Wah, five, and not four people cramped inside! Use the shared wifi also slow like turtle lah! Ya loh, the landlord only want to earn your money, what for want to care got how inconvenient it would be for you?

2.Pests, pests everywhere!

Singapore this kind of weather always attract lots of insects to camp inside your room. It looked okay before you sign the contract, but when move in sleep first few nights, wah, your face suddenly itchy for no reason, then go kitchen drink water… suddenly see a battle between a lizard and cockroach…scary right!

3.This air-con can one or not

Ya, the landlord say the aircon just change only and will undergo maintenance every few months. Bullshit lah. When move in, hot like an oven. You keep on tapping the remote control change the temperature to 16 degrees also hot like 61 degrees. And the scary part? It drips…drip…drip…drip…like a monk chanting….! Oh, and you have to engage your own plumber to solve this problem okay!

4.Landlord likes peace

Well, who doesn’t want peace after a long day at work? First few nights can sleep in peace, but then the neighbor living above you suddenly renovate this renovate there, drilling in the afternoon when you are just back from a long midnight shift. Wah, headache sia. Then hammer noise also come, maybe want to hang painting. But this sound come every weekend leh! Maybe that neighbor own a painting gallery?!?!?! And then your landlord likes to play PES2016 and MAFIA3 on the PS4 set during the weekend. Wah, from morning play until evening. No choice because that’s the only days he’s free. Wah…how ah? Can pour acid on the set? Good advice?

5.Living with couple

Wah lau, this one I scared most. Unless you like 3P, if not you really have to act invisible in front of them. Most scared is you really have to cover yourself in the blanket and act blur if they start to French kiss! The rest I don’t know lah…ahem…aiyo…so pai seh! And then hor, I think the electricity bill you two should pay more leh…not half half right?

6.“5 minutes to MRT only”

Yes, that’s technically correct. But you must run like Usain Bolt to get there. If you are walking at an average speed, that should be 15 minutes.

7.Difficulty in getting deposit refund

Wah this one, the landlord will suddenly disappear one. Serious. It’s true. And when you have finally caught hold of him, he will say…hey…that time I ask people do air con maintenance you never pay…can I deduct $200? And oh, there’s this stain on my floor. Your one right? I need to ask floor expert and remove it …need $200 also…aiyoh, why one of my fan blade is crooked? Deduct $20…and by the end of that…you can forget about taking back your deposit.

8.Spoilt liao, who pay?

Never broken never spoilt means the thing is as good as brand new. You would be surprised that the landlords will nitpick over this. They will always say this one new that one new, and you say wonderful. But then soon…the water heather will spoil, the washing machine will spit detergent out and the rice cooker will have white smoke come out…all spoilt lah eventually. But then, some landlords would be honest and own up at the start. Not all are black sheep lah!

9.Hey, where’s my stuff?

Sometimes you buy two big bags of groceries and put them in your fridge. You put the lovely Haagen-Dazs cookies & cream, ready to eat it while catching up on your Korean drama. After finishing your bath, you come out and look for the fridge…you turn it upside down also cannot find it. I tell you…must put digital lock lah!

So which one you hate most?