Why insurance agents are so hated? the longer you stay, the more they earn.

Just why is that the case? Their sales pitch will be full of cliches and go all out to get you sign on the dotted line. But do they really are what their clients are signing up for? In reality, the clients don’t really get what they wanted. The insurance agents are all out to take your money, and that’s the bottom line!

Life insurance policies are their bread-and-butter, and that’s because the more you pay, the longer you stay, the more they earn. Simple logic right?

If you are unaware of the insurance world and its sales tricks, then you’re in for a shelling. They will start by asking how much money you have saved up in deposit accounts, and the bank interest is next to nothing! It is true you will discover. That’s usually the first fear factor they will try to instill in you.

The ultimate aim is to have you on board, where you can get to reap the benefits of an insurance policy. But guess what’s the thing they will never say even when they are about to be lowered six feet under? If you know, you will never life insurance, but opt for fixed premium.

They will scare you by saying: “no use one, by the time you will never be able to claim it will be wasteful.” Yes, wasteful that’s the word.

Remember the real essence of insurance: it’s best not to touch it, but once accidents happen, you will need it much. An insurance agent told me that life insurance is the best thing on earth. I replied: “but I’m just in my early 20s, and there’s no real need for me to buy it now…maybe when I’m in my mid-30s?”

His reply was just as classic: “but when you reach your mid-30s, all the benefits would have been gone! And life is unpredictable…who can predict that you won’t suffer terminal illness later in your life…this is for your family and it covers them rightly so…you must think of your family too right?”

I was too stumped to reply. I thought of the words wasteful. Using money to buy unnecessary stuff. If I were to die suddenly, I guess I won’t put my family in immediate financial crisis, hence there won’t be a real need for me to buy life insurance. Just why they can’t get that?

Simple. Their aim is to get your money. Just open your wallet and comply.

And that is also why there’s so many rubbish insurance policies around. In my honest opinion, buying insurance is to pass on the benefits for my family members. It is not simply not for the sake of buying it and hoping to get a lump sum at the end. My real wish is that my family members will truly benefit when I’m in trouble!

They are a stubborn lot and refuse to hear you properly. To them, your words are “left ear in, right ear out”. They are not just stubborn, but a greedy bunch!

Bear in mind that a true insurance agent will listen attentively, cater to your needs and give you what you really want. They should be servicing you, and it’s not the other way.