Parkway parade hawker charged $8 for SMALL piece of meat and fats dish

This is the first time ever I posted something bad about food. Yesterday I went parkway parade hawker centre and order some meat from a stall as side dish. I told her to mix some duck n roast pork without rice for 1 person as they have no chicken left.

The aunty said $8, ok? I said ok then proceed to take 2 small plates of chili. Then the aunty said, why u need so much chilli? Your meat also not so much you dun need so much chili. I kept quiet. Then the guy inside pass me my $8 meat. A super dry tiny drumstick which i didn’t request for and some roast pork with 95% fats. Seeing this, I pointed at the roast pork and said all fats how to eat and they said its like that one.

I feel like smashing that plate of meat onto their faces. Its hawker centre, who will expect $8 for not more than 6 piece of meat into my mouth. I should have noticed something wrong as before
me, a man was debating with the stall owner too.

Of course i won’t patron this stall ever again. Just to remind all to be cautious. I didn’t take notice of the stall name but its a roast duck stall facing Miniso direction. There’s only 1 there and with a cash register outside their stall.