Dealer adjust odometer, sold a damage car.

Hi Folks.

i brought a used VW from a used car dealer last week. Dealer only inform me that the engine mounting need replacement. Seeing that the price was reasonable, i brought it..

Last Friday (one week after purchase), brought car to VW Macpherson to enquire the engine mounting cost. Was given a shock. VW inform me that the odometer was tune and the engine piston is damage.
the last clock mileage was 117k in oct 2013 based on VW record. When i brought the car, milleage was 112k.

yesterday, confronted with the dealer asking for a full refund. Now car with dealer. Have lodge a report with CASE.

Like to know what are the chances of getting a full refund from the dealer. and if they refuse. Possible to sue them and get the refund?

any advise?

What other people said:

7200:U first time buy car huh.Though these dealers r slightly more trustworthy than kong hee but still consider conman

Tou!:Its a long road to sue them get back money,There are cases buyer win the case, For me i will not go thru all these hassle la,I will ask the dealer to pay for the piston repair and continue driving,Even at 200k mileage its no big deal to me,U think a car cannot last few hundred k of mileage?

stylechap:Why is the car with dealer when you’ve paid and driven it? It’s easy to sue them with your own lawyer but not CASE.

sacrificium:There’s a recent case where the consumer successfully sue the dealer. Pray that your dealer won’t run road and not pay off and please babe the dealer here as well.

cker:Why is your car with them?? Adjusted down 5k km. At least not adjusted down 50k km… That’ll be one major headache.

mel1888:U already know got issue still buy. Engage lawyer sue bah. Case is useless.

#Anyone read this article can give some advise?? Please..seems like this is not really surprise in Singapore?