Singaporeans can’t afford car? Better believe it!

When a mention comes up about Singapore, is everyone still capitivated by the fact they are one of the ‘Four Little Dragons’?

But did you know – actually, quite a lot of Singaporeans can’t afford to buy a car, and the majority depend on the MRT!

singapore mrt

Singapore has a population of 5.47 million scattered across a land size of  719.1 km square, but the car population is only 1 million flat.

This city don’t really have serious traffic jams like the ones you see in Beijing, Jakarta or Bangkok. And normally when there really are traffic jams, 90% of the time it is because it happens at the front!

car accident

What seems to be the real problem? Just why Singaporeans can’t afford a simple 1600cc car?

Cannot be right. Singapore, one of the ‘Four Little Dragons’, and their GDP always high high up there in the world rankings, so why no reason cannot afford…hmmm…!

Got this popular saying in Singapore – feed three wives better than own one car. And it’s quite true to a certain extent.

If you really own a car in Singapore – then sad to say, you kena ‘tok’ already.

buy car

Cars in Singapore are the most expensive worldwide – and the handling fees are just as ‘beh tahan’!

In Singapore, you need a Certificate of Entitlement to drive. COE is just a piece of paper, but owning it gives you the right to drive a car.

And I tell you..not too long ago, it cost as much as $70,000 to own one!

What’s more exasperating is that you can only own this piece of paper for 10 years. After that, you still have to renew it!


There is also this world-famous gantry point, called the Electronic Road Pricing (ERP). Their purpose is to ‘control’ the traffic flow of major roads. Any car that want to use? Can, no problem…just pay a bit of money loh.

How does it work? Every car will need to install a In-Vehicle Unit (IU), that will ‘communicate’ with the sensor system found within the ERP.


Once the ERP ‘lock’ in their target, they will charge accordingly to what car/lorry/motor/van.

So how, still interested in buying a car in Singapore? You have been warned!

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