He betrayed his wife while working in Singapore!

In Singapore, there’s this particular group of migrant workers, who will work hard in the Lion City while their spouse, or partner, will stay back in their homeland.

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There’s a saying: “absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Is there any truth to it? Let’s hear a true-life account, a sad one, from this lady:

“I am a picture of sadness. My husband and I were university mates. Not long after we got married, my husband went over to Singapore, in search of work. He comes from a poor family, poor to the extent that his family didn’t need to fork out a cent for our marriage.

And that’s including our child, who is taken care of by my family. My parents even fell ill while taking care of my child. But not his parents, who don’t even care a single thing at all. I have always trusted him working in Singapore, but sometimes I have my suspicions.

betrayed his wife home

I have come across messages on his Wechat, where he dated some of his female colleagues for meals. He would delete all the chat records after knowing I had browsed through his Wechat! Sometimes, he will say that he will go for Karaoke, and replied me late after midnight! I couldn’t take it anymore.

wechat girl in singapore

wechat girl in singapore conversation

I confronted him once, asking him whether he went looking for KTV hostess. He admitted it, and even had the cheek to say it’s pretty normal stuff! I decided to file for divorce, and kick him out of my life.


Because I just couldn’t stand lies. A leopard can’t change its spots. It’s true! I hope my story will serve as a warning to all the women out there, where their husbands/boyfriends are out working. Remember to keep an observant eye over them!

This article was original by NextSingapo.com