Most Malaysians Didn’t Know These 5 Things About Our Road Signs – We Bet You

Whether you are a new driver or a seasoned driver in Malaysia, we bet you did not know such things about our road signs exist. Let’s put you into test! 100% Sure you don’t know !

1) Different traffic signboard colour represents different type of roads
Blue traffic signboards represent non-tolled federal, state and municipal roads.
Green traffic signboards represent toll expressways or highways only.


2) Different types of ro​​ad have different set of ro​​ute letters & numbers
Expressways start with letter ‘E’ for e.g. E2.
Federal roads use only digits for e.g. ‘51’.
State roads use both letter & number except for letter E for e.g.g. ‘N9’ is a state road in Negeri Sembilan.


3) Different lettering colour on the road signs indicates either road name or area name
Yellow lettering indicates the road name.
White lettering indicates name of the town or area.
In this case, ‘Lebuhraya Persekutuan’ is a road since it is coloured in yellow.


4) The destination name on the road signs are arranged from top to bottom by distance
The destination name at the top is the farthest away and at the bottom is the nearest. For e.g. you’ll reach Btg. Berjuntai first before Bukit Tagar if you exit left.


5) Different types of signboard represents different type of destinations
Green lettering on white background – tourist attraction
White lettering on maroon background – tourist attraction
Orange lettering on green background – Government institutions
Black Lettering on white background – town or other settlements