These are the jobs most Singaporeans siam! 14-hour work shifts

In Singapore, being a factory operator is the worst thing. Every day put in 14 hours of work, only earn about $1200 per month . Long working hours everybody want to siam. But some lagi worse, also got low salary. And that’s why it’s so hard to employ Singaporeans. A Human Resource expert has revealed that among a list of the top 5 worst jobs to have in Singapore, being a factory operator is the worst! And that’s because it’s a repetitive process – long working hours and low salary combo loh.

Top 5 jobs every Singaporean siam!


singapore Dishwasher


sg worker

3.Shop assistants

singapore Shop assistants

4.Bus captains


5.Shipyard workers

Chinese worker

ps: are you inside this list?

Man, these jobs are tough, and you can see why Singaporeans shun or ‘siam’ them. No air-con environment issit. Can’t take hardship. Or what?

I have this message to those who are in these jobs – it’s been hard on you all. Where will we be without you? Thank you, thank you.

People World Wide Executive Director Mr Liang, when interviewed, said that Singaporeans don’t like to take up blue collar jobs. And that’s because it’s a six-day week, rotating shifts, and with many O.T!

“It’s true that some are afraid of hardship, and can’t bear the thought of serving people. Or maybe, some of them need to take care of their family, and can’t take up this kind of job.”


“Maybe, a quality solution would be to shorten the working hours, shorten the frequency of the rotating shifts, flexible working hours…etc.”

White collar workers don’t mind working O.T though!

Mr Leong said that white collar workers, like PMETs, will always work long hours, O.T., all in a bid to get a higher salary, or promotion. Of course, any unbalance between work and life will lead to several problems as well, such as neglecting your family, late marriage, etc.

According to the MOM statistics, Singaporeans work an average 49.5 hours per week. If they are on a 5-day work week, it comes up to an average 9.18 hours per day.

A repetitive work pattern, and too much O.T. that causes depression.

ugly singaporean behaviour

For those who are not passionate about their jobs enough, they will soon get a dose of depression.

Of course, O.T. can cause deaths, just refer to Japan, where their working hours there is insane!

Mr Leong said, a boring job, added with employees reluctant to work O.T., it is a recipe for depression.

Factory workers at an assembly line are most exposed to THIS, and that is why employers have this obligation to provide workers with perks and benefits!

“If left untreated, this can cause friction amongst workers at their workplace. If there’s no commonplace for them to find joy, maybe the employers can send them away for course upgrades, or transfer them to other departments,” added Mr Leong.

There’s this international survey that states workers who do 10 hours of work at least will have a shorter life.

The internet also got this report:

University graduates from Malaysia – actually their salary are lower than those working in a Singapore factory. 

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