Ah Long:x的,干吗把债全部还清,我要被我老板骂死了

Ah Long:在这边我叫先叫他 Funny Long

有一位新加坡人跟Funny Long借了$600,等到还债的那一天,他接到Ah Long电话说: 把Defer Payment存到xxxxx account by 6PM,所以这位A先生就很着急的赶快跑到存款机去把$960($600+上利息) 存到Funny Long 说的帐号去.

看到这边是不是大家都觉得”非常好,有借有还” 但是一旦存进去之后,Funny Long马上打电话来说: why the f**k did why deposit so much ? 你知道现在这个帐号被冻结了你知道吗? 原因是: 他把”全额” 就是$600+利息全还清了….

Funny Long: 你听不懂什么叫做 Defer Payment吗? 就是$200,$300 慢慢的还而不是一次还清…


接着呢..这位Funny Long就说: x的,F**k, 你知道我老板会f**k 死我吗? 我跟你说: 接下来你的日子也不好过, 接着这位Funny Long就传了一个恐吓影片给这位A先生…

Funny Long: 因为你这样子搞, 你必须还我$6720的一半,(可能是帐户里有$6720)吧!

这听起来就像是 Funny Long想要在敲诈另外一笔钱, 但是我的想法是, 我跟你借$600, 我还你$960了..你还想怎样? 我全还清也不行?

难道欠钱还清是不对的吗? 还是这是 Ah Long的最新诈骗手法 ??

English Version:

A series of unfortunate events and being the fool that I was, I gave a loanshark my details over the phone. And said loanshark transferred $600 SGD to my bank account. I chased him for repayment details: $960 SGD a week later

On the repayment day, said ah long gave me a bank account number and the message “make defer payment by 6pm”. 6pm was less than an hour away, so I rushed to the nearest cash deposit machine and deposited $960.

Here is where the fun begins. The loanshark called me and asked why the f**k did I deposit so much. Now the account is frozen because I transferred the full amount. I was supposed to magically know that “defer payment” means $200 – $300, and not the full amount (details: the acct had $5760, now I made it $6720, thus frozen).

He screamed at me, saying that his boss will kill him. And that subsequently he will make my life miserable. Sent me a video of them setting a flat on fire.

He threatened me, and asked me to pay half of the $6720, which I rejected. It sounded like a really bad story to get more money out of me. You lent me $600, which I did not need. And I paid you $960, that should be the end.

I then proceeded to make a police report, who advised me to ignore the guy and not to pick up his calls anymore.

Here’s where I fucked up: I thought that the ah long was lying. But a banker friend then clarified my doubts: an account will indeed get frozen if multiple small transactions are detected.

The ah long may be actually telling the truth (he declared rather proudly that they are ah longs over the phone, and that his boss will chop me or something along those lines).

Today is the 3rd day, after 2 sleepless nights, they are still calling me.

But after realising that the guy may be telling the truth, honestly I did feel a tinge of guilt. It has since dissipated but it’s like, all of us are just out to make a living. And even if it’s true, I don’t believe that he can’t get the bank account unfrozen.

Not sure what I should do. Now every night I just go home and hope that they won’t burn my house.