My dad’s a taxi driver. He drives me to school in his taxi. And it gets kinda weird

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See, my parents aren’t the richest people, and I totally understand that. However, I mean it just feels weird being dropped off to school in a taxi and being asked by everyone and looked at weirdly b/c of it.

I don’t want to offend my dad, and I know it’s the way he makes his living, I just don’t know how to deal with it. Help please?

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Try to make it funny.. imagin that u r in a movie… choose a nice actor to be ur father (robert de niro) and choose another actor to b u ( andy garcia) its u and ur dad in a BIG HOLYWOOD MOVIE.. the story is about how a father and his good sun r facing the whole world to creat a foot step for themselves under the sun…they r both fighting untill they win the battle and the good sun at the end of the movie honors his father by asking him to step up on the stage to stand beside u while u recieve ur Man of The year’s award from people magazine.. ur father is ok ..and u will understand this well when u drive ur kids 2 school…look in ur son’s eyes and remember how it was…so from now start preparing how u want ur son to look at u.. greetings to ur dad 🙂

Nora C: So your dad is a taxi driver, not you. You get to school in his taxi and everyone wants to know and what do you say? Tell them how great a guy your dad is for taking good care of you. You need to respect your dad and what he does for a living. Thank him.

Axel M: If it was me, I would be proud that my Dad dropped me off at school no matter what kind of vehicle he was driving. So many kids these days don’t have a Dad around more or else one that cares enough to take them to school.

About the taxi, it could be so much worse…he could drive a dump truck, or a hearse, or a garbage truck, or a hippy mini-van, or a rust bucket, the list goes on and on.

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NDN: Why don’t you get dropped off a block away from school then that wont bother you as much

yeahright: what re u yapping about? so other kids think u re rich cos u come in a taxi. why are u embarassed? be glad. i would be more embarassed to mention that my father is just a taxi driver

chaosphere187: I know how that was,my uncle took me to school in his cab,i didn’t really care what the other kids thought,actually i became “popular” because of it.

Freddie Mercury: respect n love your dad for wat he is doing for u! He can might as well hack u and go fetch some paxs n earn some $. learn to count your blessing!

Kayjay: Maybe it’s just you…I think it would be cool

#Kids, Hopefully you have read this article and be proud of your dad now.

How I wish I can go to school with private car with comfortable seat and air-con and I don’t have to squeeze in the MRT like a clown everyday….