Top Four Hottest Jobs in Singapore. $10k Salary? No Problem…

Singapore is an optimal place for the hottest jobs. Find out here the best choices!

Hot Industry 1: Port & Marine

Singapore’s advanced port capabilities are a boost to the industry. It is well established and creates lots of work opportunities. In China, this industry is also gaining popularity. The demand there is increasing too!

Jobs In Singapore3

Jobs In Singapore2

Hot Industry 2: Hotel Management

It’s a well-known fact Singapore is a tourist haven. Asia’s largest integrated resort is situated here, creating some 70,000 jobs. Other industries have also benefitted from it, with some 200,000 jobs openings. It is a wise choice if you were to opt for it.

Hotel Job In Singapore

Hot Industry 3: Banking & Commerce

Singapore is one of the top financial hubs in Asia. Despite an ongoing financial crunch worldwide, there are still job openings available here. According to an insider, a monthly salary for a top position can go easily go up to $10,000! Asset management companies are also looking to recruit. The biggest advantage is that after competing your financial course in Singapore, it will help you open up more studying opportunities abroad, namely London!

Bank job in sg

Hot Industry 4: IT Management

Systems analyst, software engineers are increasingly in demand here. This course is also flexible enough to give you a wider job scope, somewhere along the lines of data management, data forensics.




So then, go on…be brave, choose wisely and decide your own destiny. No regrets!

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