Change S$100 into RM$300…and have a day’s FUN in JB…Shiok!

Having lived in Singapore for the most part of my life, there’s this current wonderful exchange rate of RM$300 for every S$100. Through the customs, course through the causeway sea, it’s a pleasure to see my money magnified, and put to great use. Shopping, dining, watch movies…one word…shiok!


The very first shopping centre once you clear the customs? That will be the JBCC – and a slightly older one neaerby. There is a wide variety of dining eateries in these two! Moneychangers, there’s at the JBCC main entrance. But if you were to head to level 2, you might get a slightly better rate. Just the couple more steps, and you have saved for yourself a small treat, a bubble tea maybe!

What to eat

Right, let’s start with these two. This Arashi Shabu Shabu Japanese restaurant. The variety of soup bases is huge, and offers teppanyaki and bento rice too!

The dining ambience, cosy enough!

Prices are affordable too!

I ordered a RM$28.9 set value meal, which comes up to around S$9. For that price in Singapore, you can only get it in foodcourts!

There’s even an array of sauces for you to choose and mix!

This is priced at only RM$26.9, or around S$8.

One cup of nice beverage comes up to RM$7.9, or around S$2

I love to eat meat, so I ordered an extra plate of lamb meat. The bill came up to RM$122.80, some S$40. Full, and satisfied. And oh, vegetarians are welcome in this restaurant too!

What’s next? To the cinemas!

Any movies Singapore got, here also got! And that’s including Malaysia-made movies. One ticket costs RM$18, which is around S$3. Go figure!

After a splendid time at the theatre, I went for dinner, the restaurant next to the Arashi Shabu Shabu Japanese restaurant, named the 龙的传人. Also situated at level 2 of JBCC, this Chinese restaurant is a must-go place. Their dishes are just as good as Singapore’s Paradise Dynasty. It is the top choice of families with kids.

Fine dining ambience, great prices. So shiok!

Spicy sesame chicken

Spinach with tofu & mushroom

For someone who doesn’t like to eat vegetables, it is just nice for me! Highly recommended!

Sweet & Honey pork ribs

Pork ribs ramen

Onion pancake

Just too shiok. And my stomach don’t have any space left for desserts! Total bill RM$129.45, around S$43.

If I am here early in JB, I will often come here for an early breakfast.

Although to be honest, I have not patronized this restaurant since making a trip to Taiwan!

JBCC also got foodcourt, but I have yet to try the food there.

Desserts shop, got Haagen Dazs and Hong Kong’s 许留山.


Let me tell you what else RM$100 can buy you in JBCC.

This MetroJaya will have lots more Malaysia products. Not quite sure, so I didn’t proceed. I bought some car models though.

Normal size RM$13.9, only S$4. In Singapore, its selling price is S$5.95.

Cartoon series RM$24.9, or S$8. That goes for S$9.90 in Singapore.

Lots of stuff to grab in pharmacies too. Guardian will have sales now and then. A recommended place to come to.

Milk powder

Milk power sale – for this brand it is selling for RM$77, about S$25.6

Singapore is selling it for $20 more. Yes, $20 MORE!!!! You could have grab two cans for THAT!


Not much difference in pricing. But do take a note on the quality.

This is much cheaper than what Singapore is selling. Not sure whether can bring this disinfectant through the customs or not.

You may bring along a calculator, and punch the digits yourself.

Kapitan Grocery, located at JBCC Level 3.

Yakult – sold in Malaysia and Singapore.

You can get more bang for the buck for these products – fruits, oatmeal, pasta and instant coffee.

These stuff, including free gifts…I only got it for S$100. So hurry, go make a trip and leave a message down on the price differences you see there!

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