Singapore maid: This pretty woman just can’t be trusted…just one moment…and…

There’s this woman who is pretty, but her words can’t be trusted. Guess who we are talking about?

She said: “I will wait for you to come out, and I shall regain my freedom!

singapore maid

She also said: “I will be relaxed only when you start schooling!

singapore baby

But as the years passed, she then changed her words: “wait till you get into university, and I surely won’t care about you anymore!”

singapore school

So, I went into university…

But she would do a u-turn. “when you have a good paying job, I won’t worry about you, I’m sure!

find job in singapore

Okay then…I got my dream job – an architect.

“I will really really stop caring about you when you are married!

maid marry in singapore

And I got married soon after…

“When you are promoted to a mum, I promise I will not even bother you!

philippines pregnancy

I gave birth to a boy, a cute one with rosy cheeks, and which makes you wanna pinch.

“Well, maybe I will stop caring only when your boy is ready to go to school!

philippines pregnancy 7

Who is that making all these statements?

My mother….

my philippines family

Yup, the one who keep on making promises – and breaking them.

They are short ones – and simple. But all of them need to go through the tribulations of life.

Little did I realise…you have aged…

All you non-trustworthy mothers…

You complete a home…

I am now in Singapore trying to eke out a living.

I am well, I am okay…hope that’s the case for everyone else too.

If there’s time, why not give your mum a call?

It’s been hard on you – please don’t worry about us.

A piece of golden advice: no matter how busy you are – always find the time to go home and be with your loved ones, especially your dearest mummy.

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