My Indian colleague apply PR for his wife and daughter ‘kena’ reject 8 times! In the end…

My Indian colleague is already a Singapore PR, and started his working life as a technician with his previous company. Now he is an engineer here at my company. He holds a University of India degree, and that comes with merit honours (In Singapore actually like toilet paper lah!).

His daughter is now 4 years old, and together with his wife…they have been rejected PR status for EIGHT times already! And he’s already done the application for a NINTH time! He actually resigned last month, and was prepared to ‘balek kampung’. But he just ‘tulang’ and went for a ninth time.

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What I personally feel is that applying for PR teaches us that everything is not to be taken for granted. A 100% rejection rate of course looks ugly, and with ICA tightening their criteria, it also needs a fair slice of luck!

Latest update! Kena rejected for a NINTH time! ICA officers, wow, you da bomb!

But then he die die don’t want to give up. Originally he said that he will go back to India if kena rejected for a ninth time. But now he make a U-turn, say don’t want to go back liao. And he will try to curry favor with the boss, but is a different person when facing fellow colleagues. Actually hor, I am quite happy that he kena reject…yesssssss!

I feel that there has been an increasing number of Indians here in Singapore – non-local ones that is, and their quality is nowhere close to the top, never mind some are professionals like doctors, lawyers! I guess my Indian colleague, together with many other cases, thought they will ‘sure get’ PR with their qualification…haha, they must be shocked they kena rejected. It’s no face to them!

PR Rejected

Replies from fellow forum members:

Mr Mah: this one nothing lah. There’s a lot of PMET Indians here. What’s more of a technician? He should have applied in 2008. Now of course difficult lah. This is after all, a Chinese-dominant country. Of course the quota need to balance a bit mah! No surprise there really.

Summerfish 1984: now no basic university degree from Singapore, and if your monthly salary is below S$8000…then sorry loh….no chance!

Sainteyes: my wife’s Indian boss is a senior manager, and his salary is like S$12,000! His wife is a VP at some other company…and I tell you what, both of them also cannot get PR!

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