You earn 3k only wear LV in Singapore, but hor…he drive BMW wear $20 shoes!

For those who are over 30 years old, 10 years is just like a phase of time. But for the youngsters, the teenagers in particulars, three or five years could probably set their future.

This society never give any perks to this group – and that’s because society actually can live without them!

An insignificant thing could really destroy a person’s youthful future. Just read on…

A 21-year-old came to Singapore for work. He came from a so-so family background. His salary is not that fantastic, and sometimes he need some ‘top-up’ from his parents to endure the living costs here.

Just take a look at society today – it’s full of things that we crave for, and probably can afford it. He has a iPhone6s, chase after girls, go KTV enjoy. Small wonder why his wallet is all empty with 10 days to payday.

singapore teenage

Chinese Valentine’s Day that time, his wallet already empty liao, but he still think he deserves a romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day. And so, he gave a call back home…and abracadabra!…his DBS savings account suddenly reloaded! He then uses the money and bought a 99-rose bouquet.

His girlfriend see liao of course happy lah. He see his girlfriend happy he also happy lah. So they hold hands, and went to a lavish restaurant in Orchard. He ordered all the nice food from there. Ahhh, the lovely ambience of the restaurant…it is just so shiok. He thinks he has made it in life – come Singapore not too long only already got GF.  Ha! Not like other people, who only know how to work and work and work. To him, he very got face lah.

He will snap selfies of him and his GF, and post to Facebook, Instagram so that his friends can go green with envy. He believes that money is earned to be spent, and if it can make his GF happy…why not?

singapore teenage

But then, there’s a lot of things he’s still kept in the dark.

He didn’t realise his parents are still using NOKIA phones – the old old types one…where there’s no camera one.

He didn’t realise the money he took to buy flowers…his parents eat grass at home, ok lah…beansprouts actually.

He didn’t realise that his work mates here in Singapore actually can have GF one…but because they think very troublesome to have one.

The car he borrowed…actually belongs to his boss! He can’t even afford petrol!

He everyday can go fanciful restaurant eat good stuff, but that’s only after he begged for money from his good buddies. Bet he can’t even afford a tea buffet from a five-star hotel.

Don’t admire the posh living environment he’s in. All these are made possible again by his family and friends. He got no class, no real job, but he always boast in the bars that he has a ‘penthouse’!


He can tell his friends all about the cars, houses he has…but actually the photos he posted…don’t really belong to him. So in all sense, he can just anyhow post and anyhow self-claim!

Ok to the ladies. They just earn S$3000 a month, can scrimp and save for a year, then go Orchard LV store line up for an hour to get their hands on the latest collection.

singapore lv store

That’s probably the life I just described…one that belongs to the strawberry generation…

Of course, there’s always a flip side……

Some can cramp themselves into bus/mrt for work, but they at least have a real home to go back to.

Take bus…so what? Environmental friendly what.

Wear simple work clothes, but the watch…wow…can be worth some $100,000…that is what you might call “crouching tiger, hidden dragon!”

singapore rolex shop

Some really know how to let go. They aren’t stingy when it comes to occasions that are worthy of mega celebrations. They go all out in pursuit of building their business empire.

Some use third grade phones – but spend thousands on classical pianos. That’s because they think a phone’s purpose is just to make….er…calls. They indulge in the quality of life. That’s the keyword.

Some wear simple shoes for a day out at the shopping mall, $20 budget ones. But at their home, they have Leonardo da Vinci paintings hung in their study rooms. Art, to them, is priceless.

Some take a long time to consider whether he/she needs the latest LV bag – and that’s because they are thinking whether they should donate it to an orphanage. Charity is powerrrrrrrrrr.

Why they succeed? Because they dare to think, thrive and dream!

With $1000, you can buy flowers and bring your GF to a nice meal at a Orchard hotel.

But what else can you do with it?

singapore airport

You can…bring your parents on a 3-day trip to Malaysia…go on a motivational course…save up for your entrepreneurship….the choices are limitless…

Asian kids nowadays crave to live the American way, but also want the Asian way of love. They don’t have the independence the American youth are famous for. They have also lost the true meaning of filial piety…they have it way too easy, just a snap of finger and they get what they want. And they even think they deserve all these.

Life, you can chase after it…but don’t forget the limitations.

You can be materialistic, but do it at your own expanse.

Whatever your parents gave you – it is their very own legacy they have painstakingly built up!

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