Is It Really That Easy To Get a Job In Singapore? Let Me Tell You How To Get One Within a Week

Due to tightening of immigration acts and work permits getting more restrictive, it can be rather difficult for a foreigner to get a job in Singapore nowadays. To get the most attractive Employment Pass, you would need to qualify with a basic salary of S$3,600.

In second place is the S Pass, which you can qualify with a basic salary of S$2,000. But not many companies are willing to help you apply for that. And that’s because of the workers quota they have to comply with.

For example, every company now need to employ five or six Singaporeans before they can hire a foreign worker. Secondly, they have to pay a substantial levy to the government, which comes up to about S$300-$400 monthly.


The bottom of the pyramid is the work permit. That’s exclusively for those involved in the hard labour/construction industry. Already, it can be difficult for a S Pass holder to open a bank account or apply for a credit card, let alone a WP holder.

The best route to get a salary here would be to gain an education foothold here first. But please don’t think overseas students from USA or England will have an advantage here…I have already witnessed the Singapore education system…I heard from my friends actually it takes double the effort to attain your masters in USA or England than in Singapore.

Singapore IT salary range:

Junior Developer/Programmer/Engineer/Consultant: $2,500 to S$5,000, averaging S$3,500

Middle Developer/Programmer/Engineer/Consultant: S$3,000 to S$8,000, averaging S$4,500

Senior Developer/Programmer/Engineer/Consultant: S$4,000 to S$12,000, averaging S$6,000

Tech Lead: S$4,000 to S$15,000, averaging S$7,000

Manager: $5,000 to S$15,000, averaging S$8,000

Architect: S$5,000 to S$18,000, averaging S$8,000

CTO: the sky’s the limit!

If your job title has the word ‘Principal’ at the front, congrats! You have a bright future ahead! Even though Designers and Testers draw a less attractive salary, but there’s potential as they gradually gain experience.


How to apply for a work pass?

Step 1: Company give you job offer, and the company will apply for a IPA (in-principle approval) from the Ministry of Manpower (MOM). It will take two working days to process. When you fly into Singapore, you wouldn’t need to show your return ticket.

Step 2: Take a medical examination form, together with your passport, go to a approve clinic for a HIV & X-ray test. Keep the receipt for reimbursement. That will cost you around $S60.

Step 3: The company will apply online to the MOM, asking them to issue you the working pass card. They will also arrange a date and time for you to provide your thumb imprint. The working pass card will have all your main details, the FIN Number, your company, your job position, your photo, and the classification of what working pass it is.

Step 4: Bring the IPA, and submit all the complete documents to MOM. After four working days, your working pass will be issued to your company.

Step 5: Bring your working pass and passport to the bank and apply for a passbook/atm card. Minimum deposit $1000, if not every month there will be a service fee of S$2 deducted. You would need to work for 6 months before you are able to apply for a credit card. For Singapore students, the application process for a credit card might be shorter – maybe three months.

Important notes to speed up the process: once you get the job offer, it would be advisable to put it in black and white on the day itself. And ask the company HR department to help you apply for the IPA fast. And you can go for your health examination first. Once HR process the IPA for you, please hurry make an appointment that you want to go MOM and provide your thumb imprint.

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