Compare your pay here – I don’t want you to be sad…

How’s your living life in Singapore like? How much your pay, what you eat and wear everyday? Have a look at the latest pay report, and check which level you’re at? Be mentally prepared though!

Grade 10 (less than $1100)

Breakfast can eat $1 popiah – sorry hor, some places now sell for $1.50. Maybe add a cup of warm soy milk if you’re lucky.


Grade 9 (around $1500)

Lunch can go for the $2 quick meal. But better don’t order meat. You can use these savings for your feeder bus.

singapore Vegetarian food

Grade 8 (around $1800)

Maybe you can buy something the big stars have worn before. You know, like a hat or simple t-shirt.

singapore t-shirt

Grade 7 (around $2200)

Can move into a place that’s near the city/CBD. But must have someone willing to move in and share rent with you lah!

singapore hdb

Grade 6 (around $2500)

Can ask friends go out for meals – maybe steamboat or grilled fish.


Grade 5 (around $3000)

Can treat your girlfriend to an overseas trip. But you might need to try harder at winning her hand.

singapore airport

Grade 4 (around $3500)

Want to buy car? hahahahaha…okay, let me see…maybe a second hand Suzuki? Oh, haven’t include the petrol, parking and insurance fees…you sure?

buy car

Grade 3 (around $4500)

You want to buy a house in the heart of Singapore? Punggol not bad also what!

singapore punggol mrt

Grade 2 (around $6000)

Wow…congrats…you can afford to live a reasonably good life (buy flat, have kids, etc)

maid marry in singapore

Grade 1 ($10000 & above)

Hi Mr Rich Guy, let’s make friends!

singapore ceo

This is the reality in Singapore, reflecting the various working classes. Don’t believe? Just ask around loh! Share this article quick!

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