Now you know why luxury cars don’t get stuck in traffic jams in Singapore!

Everyday kena stuck in traffic jams…it seems like the norm to me. But I just discovered that luxury cars are rarely spotted there! How is that so? Or they use helicopters issit? Can’t be right. Have a look at this ‘what time cars usually go out’ chart. You might have a better understanding after this.

Types of cars that come out during this time

Look at these cars (7, 8am) – they normally belong to main working class group. As the saying goes…the early bird catches the worm…hahaha, ironic!

What about the (8:30, 9am) category? Those parallel imports types – they normally belong to the mid-level white collar workers. Any truth to it?

(10, 11am) category…all the famous brands, BMW, Benz, Mini Cooper lah…they confirm are boss or high management one. Can afford to be late, that’s why!

Well, they are the much-admired group. Everybody’s dream. They are often seen during night time. Do what? You imagine loh!

Types of cars that return during this time

Still the same atas class. All the branded cars. They go out during 10am to 12:30pm, but go back around 4:30pm. That means they normally eat lunch, then do some simple paperwork and go home. Confirm rich second generation boss, or the boss lah.

They are the typical 9 to 6 working class. Predictably the mid-level managers, civil servants or high salaried white collared ones.

This is the most pitiful group. Go out as early as 8am, but come back around 8 to 10pm. Must be the worker bee type. Out of every ten, at least eight or nine belong to this category. They also use it after work to go on dinner dates and business gatherings.

Well, only these super-rich guys will understand why they get back home that late. It’s two different worlds lah

Hope this chart more or less tells you why certain cars only come out at certain hours!

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