10 reasons to fall in love with S’pore once again in 2016

Whether you’ve already fallen in love with Singapore, numbers don’t lie: Singapore has one of the lowest employment rates in the world and is one of the richest countries in the world. We also have one of the best education systems in the world and one of the best public transport systems (transport system ?maybe….)

Love Singapore

Regardless of what you feel about Singapore, here’re ten reasons why you should fall in love with Singapore – or fall in love with Singapore again in 2016.

SG50 has just ended, but we’re loving Singapore even more
If SG50 is just a number to you, here’re the facts that will blow your mind away: 50 years ago, Singapore’s future is faced with uncertainties. No one knew whether Singapore would even survive for the next few years. But now, look at Singapore now. All it takes is 50 years and we’ve moved from third world to first world.

Singapore is rich and wealthy
Whether you like it or not, money rules almost everything, and living in a country that is rich is just like a boy living in a rich family. But of course, you’ve got to work hard and not depend on Singapore’s wealth for your survival.

Singaporeans believe in its Government
Going by the recent General Elections, most Singaporeans believe in their Government. Well, why not, since they’ve been doing a good job so far? You may disagree on some policies, but you can’t disagree that you can read this on your phone or laptop simply because of the Government’s competence.

Singapore is well-liked by foreigners
Ask any foreigners in Singapore and they’ll most likely have good words for Singapore. And hey, let’s face it: if someone says you’ve got a good family, you do feel proud, right?

Singapore’s public transport is getting more and more accessible
Thirty years ago, our MRT has got only three lines. Now, there’re so many lines that you’ll be confused if you’ve not taken the MRT for a while.

Singapore has good food
Other than Malaysia, where else can you find a country that has so many varieties of good and cheap food? From Cantonese to Western, from Japanese to Korean, all of them are usually within walking distance from your house.

Singapore promotes arts
Many years ago, in order to have your, say, stories published, it’s almost impossible. Nowadays, the Government is offering grants for the arts—many grants, in fact. It is no longer impossible—just a matter of quality now!

Singapore is always improving
Construction, construction everywhere. Yes, it’s annoying, but it could only mean one thing: improvement.

Singapore has a culture that Singaporeans are proud of
Be it Singlish, kiasu-ism or queue-loving, we have a culture after all, and we’re proud of it. If anyone insults Singlish, what happens? Well, you should know.

Singapore is safe…and safe, and safe
And it’s still safe. You can’t disagree on that—unless you’ve never been overseas.

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