How Singapore Conquered The World…How is this little red dot able to conquer all?

Singapore have 11 number one positions across Asia and the world too. How is this little red dot able to conquer all?

Aerial night shot of Singapore by NASA Astronaut Tim Peake (pretty, isn’t it?)

Prosperity Index: Singapore are the top Asian country in this index (no wonder all the Taiwanese, Malaysians, Indians and Indonesians all want to come here and earn their first pot of gold).

Ranked 17th worldwide in the index, eight qualities are determined here: economy, governance, education, freedom, security, etc.

In the economy section, Singapore are ranked first in the world, higher than Switzerland!

What about Intellectual Property Protection? Singapore are tops in Asia, and second worldwide. The good governance, firm framework and transparency has ensured Singapore’s standing there. At the same time, it gives the big companies here a firm assurance that it’s safe to do business here.

Singapore are Asia’s best in the Internet penetration rate.

Almost all of the Singapore’s population know how to surf the net, which have pretty much made the country an ideal place to conduct business.

With My Republic entering the market, the competitive prices are expected to be slashed further, and which can only boost these figures further!

Most corruption free economy – first in Asia, and seventh worldwide. Singapore thrives on this approach to transparency. Their laws and legislations are all strictly enforced, and that’s why.

Life quality highest in Asia. According to the 2014 ranking report, Singapore has the most conducive environment, which has allowed the citizens to enjoy their high quality of life. That’s all thanks to Singapore’s safe and assured political climate, world class public transport system and healthcare system. The tourism sector is booming as well. No surprise why many people want to come here and ride on the rainbow.

The lion city is also number one in investment potential. And they got this ranking after having finished second for the past 16 years! This is based on the portability, law governance and favourable exchange rate.

In addition, Singapore are also the happiest country in Asia, 22nd in the world. This index covers 157 countries, and is based on GDP, community outreach and life expectancy rate. Other factors taken into consideration are freedom to make life choices, generosity and freedom from corruption.

Singapore are also tops worldwide in 4G LTE speed. British internet consultancy firm, OpenSignal, also tested Singapore’s download speed can reach 46Mbps, 8Mbps faster than second placed New Zealand. Singapore are sixth best in LTE ‘time coverage’ though. They score at 83%, while South Korea is tops with 97%.

Singapore are ranked cleanest in Asia, and the only country from that continent to make the world list. The ‘clean and green’ campaign has certainly paid off. Of course, the threat of heavy fines has helped too. The high road taxes, coupled with a good public transportation system, has also blessed the city with good quality air.

As for resilience and adaptability, well, Singapore are ranked first in the world, finishing ahead of Switzerland and Hong Kong. The little red dot has not wavered as they deal with natural disasters and an ever-increasing population…

So many number ones. And how about this? The Worldwide Cost of Living Report 2016, released by the Economist Intelligence Unit, had Singapore clinching top spot for the third year running in the Top Ten Most Expensive Cities In the World. Aiyoh, how ah how ah. This one we normal Singaporeans cannot really tahan one.

To all those who have come to Singapore for work – what do you think? Guess you’re most interested in the list of Top Ten Most Expensive Cities. Quick, earn your pot of gold here and huat ah!

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