Don’t you just love taxi uncles in this part of the world? They make up a vibrant segment of the society

Hop into any of the cabs, and you might just encounter some of those.

  1. The boastful type

singapore bungalow

He can say he live in bungalow, he last time got 4 servants, and 3 wives. He also can say he last time pay $1 million for income tax. You might be convinced with his firm talking. But there’s some true cases, where bankers sometimes drive part-time after retiring!

  1. The Sleeper type

singapore driver

Barely responds to your questions. Makes you feel you are talking to the wall. But don’t be surprised if he suddenly says thank you at the end of the trip.

  1. The Blur type

singapore taxi photo

Keep asking you whether turn left here or turn right there. Ask for help every minute of your trip. Make you just cannot relax!

  1. The lor-soh type

Keep giving you golden advice in life. Especially if he’s from the pioneer generation. Will tell you about the importance of saving up. Sounds just like your father.

  1. The blame government type

Always mention PAP’s fault at every point of the conversation. Talk about 6.9m population, traffic jams, cameras everywhere…say cannot park here park there, kena fine easily…it’s all government’s fault.

  1. The Hamsup type

singapore pretty passenger

If you’re a girl, sorry if he keep turning his head to see you. Maybe you’re wearing a skirt! He will ask questions that are bordering on sexual harassment. Like, wah you going to meet boyfriend, you wear so short your skirt, your perfume smell nice leh. Just reply, uncle, change destination to Cantonment Police HQ!

  1. The Lobang king type

Will try to sell you insurance while on the go. This one must siam ah!

  1. The Mr Angry type

Scold Hokkien swear words whenever a car eat into his lane. Will then high-beam the car and play police-catch-thief game. Very dangerous.

  1. The very nice guy type

Say okie, no problem at every direction you give. Say thank you like 20 times during the trip. Smile like a Cheshire cat when you get off…make you feel like you are king

  1. The no hygiene type

singapore taxi driver

Will cough and cough without rolling down the window. And when he does it, he will normally spit. You can offer him your tissue papers if you encounter one.

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