Singapore men’s top jobs listing – You should try this one !

Just what kind of jobs sound to people that you have made it in life? Whenever I tell people about what I do for a living, their faces will just register a ‘bleah’. Especially the girls! And their response pretty much is awkward. In their view, my job is low in the rankings.

So what’s the top-ranking ones? Let’s discuss!

High class jobs (averaging 7 to 10 points in the girl’s view, 10 being the max)

Singaproe CEO

Top management jobs (CEO, COO, CFO): Preferably those that come from the MNCs. Confirm got as high as $100,000 per month. Like that, money is no objection! This type of man – IQ, EQ all so high, confirm must grab lah! Rating: 10

Lawyer: Singapore lawyers are not that many. But if there’s one, better grab hold of him! Wise, and deep knowledge if everything. Maybe he lives in Sentosa Cove! Rating: 9

Pilot: Can travel everywhere, knows the world and its different cultures. Only drawback is that his working time can be irregular, and brings the threat of terrorism and disaster. Rating: 8

Producer/Director: If your director is one that wins Golden Horse awards, then good lah. But then, there’s this temptation of many pretty actress. Rating: 8

Politician: Wow, he’s got the lure of power. And he’s upright, and draws a handsome allowance from the Singaporean government. Rating: 7

Banker: Just two words – super rich! But then the banking industry can be volatile. Wait next minute bankrupt! Rating: 7

Architect: Singapore everyday got so many building projects going on. Of course he’s in demand lah. Rating: 7

Middle class jobs (4 to 6 points)

singapore retail job

Doctor: It pays well of course, and I will have free medical advice. Although they are on rotating shifts, it’s alright. Rating: 6

Teacher: It is a noble profession. And he can coach his children in the future. Rating: 6

Nurse: Can be my guardian angel. On rotating shifts, but that’s okay. Rating: 5

Policeman/Firefighter: Got all the government benefits, and the rice bowl is a metal one! But then, not many stay in this job for many years. Rating: 5

Accountant: the salary can be volatile. And it’s a tough job. Rating: 5

Sales: irregular income. But will be nice to hear his sweet whisperings. Rating: 4

Designer: creative person, but the salary maybe not so high. Sometimes can get surprise gifts from his crafty hands. Rating: 4

Advertising: lots of OT, but his humour will make you laugh. Rating: 4

Low class jobs: (1 to 3 points)

singapore job

Hairstylist: quite a lot of ‘brokeback mountain’ people here. They may look nice, but the pockets sometimes empty one! Rating: 3

Writer: there’s no fixed income. But he can anytime write a love poem to you. Why not? Rating: 2

Chef: Unless you are a big-name chef. Rating: 2

Bus captain: boring job, although the pay can be quite stable. And it’s one of the most sought-after jobs in Singapore. Rating: 2

IT: even though the salary is good, but everyday face the computer screen. More of a nerd? Rating: 1

Admin: dead-end job. Rating: 1

Property: the basic salary is not high. And the property market is not doing well. Everyday have to make phone calls and beg for sales. SORRY, NO. Rating: 1

Insurance: slightly better than property. But people say sell insurance sure don’t have friends, because they always go and disturb them. True? Rating: 1

No class jobs: (0 point)

Mama shop in singapore

Mama shop, cleaner, manual labour…sorry ah…

Actually, no matter what occupation you have, health is still the most important thing. Never mind you are CEO, but you can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing! So, go with your sixth sense!

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