Which job industries need people the most in Singapore?

According to a worldwide labour report, 38% of the employers are currently encountering a manpower crunch, the highest since 2007. Singapore are slightly above the worldwide average. They are close to 40%.

Manpower Group released a research study on this issue last year, and have done so since 2006. It covers 47,100 employers worldwide, 234 of it are based in Singapore.

Job report

But just which job industries is facing the biggest employment crunch?

Japan, Peru and Hong Kong are the worst-hit in this situation. Skilled jobs that need to be filled desperately are chefs, bakers, butchers and machinery workers. Other than that, sales promoters, engineers, technicians and big truck drivers are also much needed.

In Singapore, the top five jobs that are facing the crunch are accounting, finance experts, sales promoters, engineers and secretaries. Despite placing lots of recruitment ads, employers are finding it hard to employ machinery workers, and insurance agents (non-sales types). Technology-skilled workers are also hard to come by.

Let’s see what’s the basic salary for these ‘rare’ jobs!

  1. Finance Manager

Accountant Salary

Their average salary is slightly above $80,000. Most will be promoted after a 20-year stay in the job, or eventually move on for a better-paying job.

  1. Sales Associate

Sales Associate Salary

Their average salary is slightly around $30,990. Their job experience when coming into this job is less than 10 years.

  1. Software Engineer

Software Engineer Salary

Their average salary is close to $47,000. If you have 10 years and more of experience, it will be easy for your pay to keep on rising.

  1. Secretary

Secretary Salary

Their average salary is close to $38,000. This can be fixed for a long time, unless your boss is generous!

  1. Public Relations

Public Relations

Their average salary is close to $60,000. That’s only if you have 10+ years of experience.

And so, what about Retail Sales Associate? It’s one of the most popular jobs, and easy to get. But what about their salary? It’s on the low side though – hovering around $25,942.

Retail Sales Associate Salary

Manpower Group Singapore Area Manager Miss Teo said: “The employment crunch is in relation to how the economy performs. Adding to the stringent rules from the labour market, it’s no surprise many industries have been affected.”

The employers have reacted in a unique way. Almost 20% of them have, in a bid to solve this crunch, given OT to their current employees.

There’s this saying: the company is always bigger than the employee. Follow the good boss, you sure okay, but if you get the bad one, well, good luck to you!

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