In 2016, make yourself the star of your company!

No matter who your work for, you always have to give your company some substantial value.

Recalling the early years in my work life, for internet search engine giant Yahoo!, I realise I am no different from other people. I really enjoyed working for them. I might be full of confidence, and think I can conquer everything. But the very first thing that comes to my mind when dealing with a work task? Whether I can obtain true value from this. Whatever I learn can’t be taken away by someone. This is how I define value to the company.


What you reap is what you sow.

I might complete a simple task in no time, but I always ask myself whether I am wasting my life? You might need an hour to complete a task. But if you were to repeat this for three hours every day of your life, and go home to a simple life with your wife and kids…where can you really improve? Human beings always must have this insatiable appetite to learn. It doesn’t end after you graduate! You can slowly accumulate life’s learnings through work. Because I have this strong mentality, I always have this strong urge to do a simple task in the best possible way. Anything that is simply done by some other else, I will make it much better, modify it…and let people know that I have put a lot of time and thought into it. Remember this saying: What your reap is what you sow.

Living on a day-to-day basis in your job…your boss might be okay to it…but you are in fact wasting your youth away!


Let’s say you have an annual income of S$40,000, doing fine in a middle-top income bracket…10 years down the road…that will be 400k…some might say it will hardly do any damage to the company’s accounts! But to me, you might have wasted a decade’s worth of time. What if you get retrenched suddenly? What will you do? Will you still be as competitive as ever? The society out there is a cruel one. Unless you come from a rich family…forget what I have said and close this window!

The opportunity door is always open. Do not blame everyone – you are the master of your own fate.

If you intend to start a business from scratch, you will find this society is actually getting more righteous…you don’t really have to go around blaming everyone. There have been some social media kings that have succeeded. Think about Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg or Taobao’s Jack Ma! Their simple philosophy? Just keep on trying…how do you get that fancy car and posh mansion? It’s all down to immense hard work…


If you really feel like you have to leave your company now…please do so now. Well, that’s my style, and something which I did to my former boss! Why torture yourself over your boss’ failings? If you decide to stay on…I would suggest that you keep on plugging away! Character is a successful man’s trait. It is your divine right. But can it buy you a home? My family members…all of them…have character…but it can’t buy them a row of homes!


Actually…all your time have been focused on work. Your persona…all have been revealed at your workplace, and your colleagues were witnesses to it. What you need to do is to learn from successful people. They have this charisma, gaining immense experience after every work task. Those who have a desk job, or on a 9-to-5 shift work…they can be contented…and keep on complaining that life hasn’t treated them well. But the brutal truth is that you have never really given people a chance to admire and appreciate you. Please share this golden advice with your mates that are currently working in Singapore!

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