The mentality of a $2000 per month salaried worker in Singapore ?

There’s this little chap, just past his teens…

He works in a Singapore factory, drawing a monthly salary of $2000

work in singapore

One day, he called his parents back in China

Asked for money so that he can buy the latest iPhone6 model

That’s about $1148, mind you!


Of course, after getting his wish, he suddenly got ‘face’!

Every now and then always show off to his friends and colleagues

But then, his senior colleague, just one rank above him, only use a cheap Xiaomi model that costs around $200



His supervisor uses a $400 Samsung model


And his manager – well, just a simple iPhone5, at most $600

His poor father back home – still using a NOKIA….$60 only! No touchscreen one okay.


So tell me, just why so many young people now treat a phone as a status symbol?

Does it truly represent money, power and status?

It’s all fake – just to conceal your low self-esteem

The real boss, the real big boss – do you think they care what phones they are using?

To the young people all there

You can chase wealth – but don’t do it at the expense of others

You can be materialistic – but do it with your own hard work!

Your parents have brought you into this world, fed you, clothe you and raise you up.

It’s up to YOU NOW to make it happen!

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