Foreign talent’s parting shot before leaving Singapore. Guess what he said?

Singapore’s immigration policy always change here change there, like flipping roti prata. Okay lah, that’s because I am Indian foreign talent! I work in a MNC, specializing in IT. But my PR no approve! Why? Well, read on…!

Dear Singaporeans:

No matter how hard I work, my PR application has been rejected. The first few days I was here, I already accustomed myself to the “lahs” and “lohs” of your language. It’s quite unique and totally different to the Indian culture.

Indian Passport

I also very quickly blended in with my colleagues. Most of them are also foreign talent, and have also lived in Singapore for a certain period. In reality – we are 33% of the population, 33% of the observers and 33% of the social outreach.

This society can be unforgiving at times, always complaining that Singaporeans are deprived of their jobs due to the foreigners here. I had nothing but empathy for them. They don’t have it easy here – their freedom of speech is non-existent, although their tax policy system is one of the best in the world. But then, who would have thought that you would need to pay 200% tax on a car here?

buy car in singapore

More surprising is that the government is a nanny state, and their popular vote keeps going up. That’s different from India, where voters simply chuck their nominated MPs aside if they don’t keep up their promise.

I must say the food variety here is great though. Delicious food is available at food courts too – and at affordable prices. I find it strange why some still complain about it! Hygiene can be better though – I once saw a mouse scurrying across a table! Sometimes I see an empty seat, but when I take a step closer, it has already been reserved via the placement of a tissue pack on the table. That is quite bewildering, and till today, I still can’t quite get over this.

singapore tissue

I am quite reluctant to leave this little red dot – the great living conditions, and convenience. But it’s quite hard for me to save up. If I can be a PR, at least my life can be better! I am also an investor – isn’t the government interested in these prospects? I find it strange really….

I will miss you my friends – a lovely sunny island.

Note: from his letter, it’s true that he loves Singapore. It’s a pity that he can’t get PR to enjoy all the perks. To be fair, foreigners don’t have it easy here either. Singapore’s immigration policies, always changing, always unpredictable!

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