This is why your pockets are so empty in Singapore!

Whenever you mention Singapore – the first impression is that it is a rich city, with one in 35 Singaporeans being a millionaire! But then the majority of it is still living on a day-to-day basis. Your pockets are probably ‘cleaner’ than your face!



For example, you draw a salary of $3000. Sounds bearable, but sorry, have to go through a 20% deduction. And that’s a take-home-pay of $2400. Wah piang oi. A lot of difference right!

Your boss also have to do a CPF contribution of $435 into your account. And that comes up to $1035 in total. Quite a substantial amount if you add it all up isn’t it. Singaporeans and PRs, you lucky ones! Unlike those foreigners in Singapore who no need to contribute to CPF as their levies are paid for by their bosses.



On average, it is $300 to $900 every month. What can $300 get you? Maybe a share of the room with someone who snores like a tractor. If you want peace and privacy, sure why not? But that will cost you at least $800. If you want to rent a condo…er…better not…just rent a room lah.



Power bill: $50

Internet: $10-$20, depending on many people you are sharing with.

Mobile phone bill: $50

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Breakfast $4, maybe a plate of rice, a bowl of mee plus a cup of kopi.

Lunch $6, and from a normal food court one. If you want a restaurant, then at least $20 loh.

Dinner also around $5 maybe. Cannot save on this one – wait hungry eat supper also must spend money right.

One month’s worth of meal costs: $14 x 22 = $308


Singapore mrt passenger

Take MRT, one trip to work, and then back to home.

That will come up to about $4 or $5.

Let’s put it an average of $100 per month. If you go out during the weekends, that will be around $130 then.


singapore fairprice

You can’t avoid right.

Toothpaste, soap, shampoo.

Plus all the tidbits, fruits you intend to pamper yourself with?

They can add up to quite an amount too.


singapore cineleisure

In Singapore, sing Karaoke, watch movie, eat steamboat, widen your social circle.

They are much needed. Maybe let’s cap it at $200 per month?

Buy clothes? Ok can…Buddha want gold vest, humans also need clothing…understandable. How about $100? Not branded ones lah of course. But keep a lookout for sales!

Convenience fees – er…Singapore is a corruption-free country hor. Don’t forget. Maybe give a red packet when your colleague get married.

That will be around $300 a month.



Already start work liao, don’t be so stingy lah. Give them a bit for makan.

If you got bf/gf, then be prepared to spend even more.

Total: $500…wa…quite jia lat!

And now…for the final calculations…

$3000-$500-$50-$308-$140-$300-$500 = $1202.

That is potentially how much you can save every month. And that’s not including emergencies, dental, medical fees. One year can only save 12x$1202 = $14000+

How to survive!!!! How how how!

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